Belligerent Mob Assembles Outside Shapiro Penn State Speech, Issues Violent Threats: ‘Come Out Here B*tch!’

shapiro penn speech

“I find it astonishing when people decide to yell outside,” Shapiro remarked, as a mob of protesters attempted to drown out his voice with chants, screams, and high-pitched yelling. “The attempt to shut down open debate is the mark of ideological fascists,” said Shapiro, calling the riotous action the “hall of fame of stupidity.”

Update: Penn State protesters throw temper tantrum after failing to stop Shapiro speech

  • If any one of these pu$$ies actually faced Shapiro, they would back down.

    It’s easier to be brave in a mob.

    • luna

      Most of them probably only know what their handlers told them about Shapiro. Of course the fact that he’s a Jew may be reason enough for many to protest him.

  • Alain

    Shapiro was correct in recognising them as fascists; in fact they are no more than fascist thugs who should have been physically removed. Their right to free speech does not grant them the right to deny the same to others.