US authorities arrest 21 in fake university student visa scam

A fake university established as part of a sting operation to expose student visa scams has netted 21 suspects in mass arrests carried out by American immigration authorities.

The detainees were charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and other offences after their activities were unearthed by the University of Northern New Jersey, a phantom institution set up by the United States department of homeland security.

Tip of the Iceberg…

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    off topic ..

    Hillary Clinton Ties Emerge In Panama Papers

  • P_F

    God knows out of half a million foreign students who enters Canadian colleges each year how many are fake.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Obama himself faked Kenyan birth to obtain foreign-born student benefits at Harvard Law School.

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  • simus1

    Reminds of the local sheriff doing his “raid the whorehouses” meme as election day for retaining his office draws closer.