Trying to understand the Trump candidacy 2

Hi, Marion, my faithful reader,

Further to Our American Friend: Wisconsin is not Waterloo:

For some reason, Ted Cruz continues to write to me soliciting my vote. He doesn’t want me to forward his mail in case Donald Trump supporters get hold of it. (?) He also wants half a million US$. (??)

Not to worry, it won’t cost you anything. I didn’t forward the mail.

Donald Trump never writes to me, and I don’t care to know why not.

Maybe he has the half million saved from not needing any publicity, as the Cruz campaign is providing it.

Marion, I am learning so much about US politics, but it is hard to organize what I know in a way that makes any sense.

For one thing, the political journalists belong to a union that endorses Bernie Sanders:

“It’s a real problem for those who cover politics,” Society of Professional Journalists Member Fred Brown told Politico. “I’m pretty liberal myself, and I voted for McGovern, but I did not like the idea of a union that represented reporters saying we are endorsing a particular candidate. That just does not work for me with the idea of a reporter keeping a distance and at least trying to live up to the idea we should be impartial.”

But he still belongs.

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post are among the many publications with unionized reporters.

And so they belong too.

If Sanders wins, my  best guess is, they will all be newscrats, persecuting free media. No truth in the news and no news in the truth, as the Soviets used to say of the state media.

Oh, and here’s a good one:

PayPal announced Monday that it would no longer be opening an office in North Carolina after Republican Gov. Pat McRory signed into law a bill requiring people to use the biologically correct bathroom, a move PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said “violates the values and principles that are at the core of PayPal’s mission and culture.” But PayPal’s values didn’t keep the company from opening and maintaining a global operations center in Malaysia, where homosexual acts are punishable by public lashings and jail sentences up to 20 years.

But what if Malaysians will  work cheaper and may not require as much privacy or as many civil liberties?

Americans are now expendable. They prove it by voting for the historic parties’ approved candidates. How they got to be that way is a story for others to tell.

Finally, from PJ Media:

Perhaps the most damage the Obama Civil Rights Division has inflicted on the American constitutional fabric has been in elections. The lawyers in the Voting Section have waged an all-out assault on election integrity. Attacking Voter ID laws in Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania is just one example of how the Voting Section has tried to stop efforts to plug the vulnerabilities used by criminals to exploit American elections.

But this attack on Voter ID is just the most prominent example of malfeasance. What the Voting Section hasn’t done is just as damaging.

For example, under the National Voter Registration Act (“Motor Voter”) passed in 1993, the Department of Justice has the responsibility to enforce requirements designed to ensure that only legitimate voters are registered to vote, and only in one place. The Obama administration has deliberately decided not to enforce this law.

Of course the Obama administration has decided not to enforce this law! Progressives are only one or two elections away from a situation in which most voters are simply voting for government-distributed benefits. It actually does not matter if they are Americans or not, or how many times they have voted.

What I still don’t understand is why that is so hard for most Americans to see?

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