Proof That Colleges Are Making People Stupid

monty python run away

Last night around 9:15 PM, social media at Indiana University became a furious storm of confusion regarding a man in white robes roaming along 10th St. and purportedly armed with a whip.

  • Cripes that is dumb.

    • infedel

      True….I bet these little snowflakes would not demand police and a safe space if they saw a group of burkas or a single burka walking around and possibly getting all ‘splody; which is far more likely to occur and do more harm than a democrat klan member in this day and age.

      • Xavier

        My thoughts exactly, because they have been indoctrinated and know those garments are almost always black. White is the color to fear.

        • infedel

          …”White is the color to fear.”…Yep;so shoot all those moslem men in white garb in the West; just to be safe–equality, right. msm and academia….

  • H

    If we’re not yet a truly post-Christian society in large chunks of the West, it’s only a matter of a decade or two at most before this is the case. And even if our post-Christian societies turn out not to be Islamic ones (fingers crossed) they will still be much more unpleasant, less interesting, less free and culturally poorer societies in which to live, compared to their generally Christian predecessors. Sad as much as anything else ….

  • Shebel

    I might have been JESUS doing a quick check .

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Well, He wouldn’t have found three wise men and a virgin, that’s for sure. ūüėÄ

      • Clausewitz

        Sounds like the York U campus.

  • Xavier

    This will turn into “please keep all garbed clergy a safe distance away from campus to avoid future confusion.” The fledgling totalitarians always get their way.

  • Dana Garcia

    Perhaps the snowflake needed a visit to the optometrist, but believed he was already perfect so didn’t go.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Perhaps my memory fails, but I cannot remember a SINGLE CASE of actual KKK members walking around in their silly garb in public in over 40 years of adult news consumption. Now, I have seen MOVIES which depict such scenes, but this has not HAPPENED in real-time and in this dimension in decades! Too bad children on campuses know so little actual history. Of course, spending such a large proportion of their lives cowering in their safe spaces in a state of hysteria does absolutely nothing to support actual learning of any kind………

    • andycanuck

      And I’ve recently read that there are only 5,000-7,000 Klansmen today. (BTW, in the ’70s there were more in NY State, like Archie Bunker’s work friends, than in the Southern states combined.)

    • Alain

      Nor have I ever seen any in my very long life time outside of movies. Come to think of nor have I ever heard of blacks being hunted down and strung up to a tree or even segregation. Of course it is just another American import and facts don’t matter. I should add that the best way to get those non existent things going is to BLM.

    • Minicapt

      It was in “Porky’s”, which was completely fact-based and therefore true.


  • jack burns

    OMG! Not Awesome!

  • Nermal

    Who says comedy is dead?

  • Mannie

    It was a Dominican priest. Considering the Dominicans were the primary inquisitors, maybe the students had reason to be frightened. They didn’t expect The Spanish Inquisition.