Obama’s dollar deal

President Obama’s critics charge that he’s never developed a strategy to defeat terrorism, the weapon of choice for those waging what they call a global jihad. The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, the journalist whose ear Mr. Obama most likes to bend, says that’s wrong — that the president does have a strategy. “He is, after all, killing jihadists at a frenetic pace.”

First, it’s really not clear that Mr. Obama is engaged in anything more than a less-than-successful holding action against the Islamic State, al Qaeda, the Taliban and similar adversaries. Second, killing — at whatever pace — is a tactic, not a strategy. Third and perhaps most important: There are Sunni jihadists and Shia jihadists and both utilize terrorism. What is Mr. Obama doing about the Shia jihadists?

He’s rewarding and enriching them.

  • simus1

    Emperor Barry’s chosen strategy is to deliver power to the worst of the worst in the muslim world and have the marxist termites like himself make themselves so useful to these savages that eventually they are indispensable and all powerful.