Two Afghani #Rapefugees force 14-year-old boy to perform sex acts on them at a swimming pool in Germany

Two Afghan asylum seekers have been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy at a public swimming pool in Germany.

The incident reportedly took place at an indoor pool in Delbrück, North Rhine-Westphalia, on Friday afternoon.

The Afghan men, aged 20 and 25, are said to have cornered the 14-year-old in the showers, where they forced him to perform sexual acts on both of them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    These crimes won’t BE crimes soon, in Germany. It will just another quaint and interesting artifact of their wonderful culture.

    • They should be celebrating their enrichment.

      • Clink9

        Laws are flexible now, just like gender. They can be whatever our betters decide them to be.

        Oh, and they don’t apply to our betters.

      • Kell

        they should be celebrating trying to blow bubbles in the Mariana’s Trench!!! cats, burlap bags, cinder blocks and deep water…

  • They should arrest and try Merkel just for this one thing.

  • ontario john

    The 14 year old is obviously Islamophobic.

  • Gary

    After what I heard Friday night from Louis Arbour these 2 would be welcomed in Canada as paedophiles that rape children. Only a Liberal Judge could find humour in a 3 year old girl being gang raped by migrants that Arbour wants us to bring in more of these 8th century misogynists.

    Note how the Leftists progressives didn’t protest Arbour’s sick and twisted comments, that’s because they agree with her as do the Teachers Union and Wynne that is pushing the homoerotica sex-ed guide produced by the paedophile Ben Levin.

    Sick bastards which makes it clear why this scum would be hanged in the Town square . Today the Liberal give them welfare and Housing .

    • Ed

      Shows what they’ll do in order to add another reliable voter…

    • Kell

      then you find them and bust their fucking asses for them!

  • Liberal Progressive

    But we have to accept it because its part of their culture so I guess it really isn’t rape rape.

    After all aren’t all cultures equally valid?

  • Xavier

    Surely there’s a way to absolutely prevent these men from ever doing that again.
    If you know what I mean and I think that you do. Examples must be made.

    [Sigh. Pipe dreams, I know.]

    • Clink9

      My vote involves pliers and a blowtorch.

    • JoKeR

      They even make devices specifically for them!

      • Jake

        Muzzies or little violent dicks?

        • Will Quest

          Halal skinless-pricks ~!?!

    • Kathy Prendergast

      The torture device used against James Bond in Casino Royale might also be instructive (sure, he survived it with his manhood intact, but he’s James Bond…)

    • Kell

      wood chippers and cat fish!

  • Xavier

    It was an EMERGENCY! Have you people no sympathy?!

  • Ron MacDonald

    Stone them.

    • Kell

      Smith & Wesson, Mod. 29 in .357! If it’ll stop a bus it’ll certainly stop some syphilitic shit like this!

  • Honey and nests of red ants.

    That is what I have to say.

    • Kell

      cats, burlap sacks, cinder blocks and deep fucking water

  • Kathy Prendergast

    More and more public swimming pools in Germany and elsewhere are going to start banning the maggots altogether, as opposed to just making their pools “gender segregated” which obviously has no effect whatsoever, as these subhumans will jump on anything small enough to not fight back.

  • simus1

    Hope the kid has “treatment for drug resistant gonorrhea” insurance.
    This is a teachable moment:
    Violent sadistic child rape or similar crimes against the weak, the helpless, the infidel, is ok in their holy islamic world. Two consenting homosexuals who “fall in love” are an entirely different kettle of fish who have a rooftop or crane with their name on it.

  • H

    “Germany has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the distribution of posters in numerous languages aimed at asylum seekers, informing them of correct behaviour towards women.”

    Well, there’s the problem, obviously – the signs indicated no raping by males of females permitted on the premises: but what they need now is to extend their little stick people signs to include no male on male rapes, and no male rapes of benches, lockers, shower facilities, flower arrangements, stuffed animals …. Education leading to integration!

    • simus1

      Govt “Advertising” is primarily intended to benefit their rent seeking friends who come up with useless Looney Tunes nonsense.

    • The problem is that this must be explained to people.

  • Kell

    They’d be two very dead motherfuckers about now! Where the fuck are all the REAL men in these shitholes? FUCK!