Trying to understand the Trump candidacy

Getting past the Trump-morphs-into–monster stuff, I found myself looking at American conservatives in a new way.

I’d assumed they had answers to the questions I’d never asked, for fear of seeming dumb.

But then I listened carefully:

1. Michael Barone: Are Trump voters really victims?

As for the reviled Republican congressional leaders, anyone familiar with the Constitution should know that the president has the power — and in this case the inclination — to veto any conservative legislation Congress passes.

Yes, that’s true. And it’s all the more reason to cash in the useless GOP dweebs who want to suck supporters dry while laughing at them, knowing that they themselves can’t lose, but the supporters can lose everything and then go on oxycontin.

If Trump does nothing but slash the value of their post-Congress consultancies, he will have done a good day’s work. Barone goes on to express sympathy with the National Review hatefest against the abandoned US working class, among whom the Trump supporters are at least trying to save themselves.

2. Bill Murchison on abortion:

Trump waded from one end to another of the deep waters he got into by suggesting, in an interview, “punishment” was appropriate for women who undergo abortions. Later that day, he explained that women were in fact the victims, like their unborn children; any punishment should fall on the medical abortionists. It was then Clinton’s turn to muddy the moral waters, declaring on “Meet the Press” that the “unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” in spite of the obligation society incurred in such cases to “make sure the child will be healthy.”

“Person”? “Child”? These terms are not in the lexicon of the pro-choice movement she believes she has in her pantsuit pocket (and she probably does). A Planned Parenthood spokeswoman took umbrage at Clinton’s word choices. “Fetus” is the preferred word for “unborn child,” the latter term implying a humanity the government finds itself obliged to defend, were that humanity to attain the recognition Clinton is evidently expected to deny it. The Washington Times notes Planned Parenthood’s strong preference for “embryo,” “fetus,” and “the pregnancy.”

Not one of them seems able to grasp the fact that the current American-based global elite can simply sideline any pro-life initiative that it wants to. Americans are no longer a valuable commodity to them. No human being is, of course, but they can get non-American workers cheaper. And pay people to lie to the Americans about what is happening.

It would be best for most Americans if the kabuki theatre that pretends otherwise drew a final curtain before radical euthanasia (with transplantable organ removal) sets in. But that would require the complete destruction of the current Republican elite. If Trump helps with that, however otherwise expendable he may be, he will be giving some people a chance to found a party that actually represents traditional working people who value human lives, including their own.

Reality check: Don’t hold your breath. A new set of six-figure chatbots will be unrolled shortly, attempting once again to connect with the boobs and the rubes, to bring them in line with global goals.

See also: The media are Trump’s secret weapon, at least to date.  You’d almost think he was paying them. The fact that he doesn’t need to is a big story in itself – the story of how mainstream media became subjects instead of scribes.