Terror sparks integration debate in France, Belgium

On a bustling shopping street, women in headscarves pick through traditional North African robes. A Muslim store nearby does brisk business selling prayer books and Korans, while a few blocks away a group of young men in South Asian kurtas play cricket outside a massive church.

Welcome to Molenbeek. A Brussels melting pot of more than half-a-dozen different nationalities. A struggling neighbourhood, where youth unemployment hits 50 percent. And, in recent years, the reputed ‘Jihadi capital’ of Europe.

If the region is to get a handle on extremism, Molenbeek – located a half-hour walk from the city’s fabled Grand Place – may be ground zero. It’s here where some jihadi fighters have returned from Syria, and where some extremists believed linked to the Brussels and Paris terrorist attacks grew up.

  • Ed

    Ohhh there’s a “debate” now about integration! “A debate!”

    Soon things could get ugly… they might wake up tomorrow and have “an argument!”

  • Maggat

    Ha, I commented about that toilet a couple of weeks ago, I’ll give it a rest.

  • simus1

    dw – so busy keeping us informed about the multiverse it lives in that it has no time left to cover reality in ours.

  • Alain

    Islam always arrives to conquer, never to integrate or to submit. Pretty straightforward in my view.

    • Gary

      Toronto already has no-go zones for Whites and thanks to islam we now added non-muslims or women by them self.
      John Tory and Wynne will never admit but how odd that THEY live in a well policed White neighbourhood .