Social workers, welcome to Sweden. Where you are not allowed to grieve a murdered colleague at work?

In response to Australian philosopher Vincent Torley on the fact that Sweden and Denmark are not secular paradises, a number of comments came in at another blog, including comments from veterans of life in those parts.

I posted a comment, noting in part:

What bothers some of us is how unnatural such societies become.

Here’s a profoundly troubling incident that might bear reflection based on Vincent Torley’s thoughts:

‘Who knows what horrors he has been through?’ Swedish police chief sparks anger by SYMPATHISING with Somali boy, 15, charged with social worker’s murder

Not too long later, an apparently local commenter told us,

I remember when this happened. It was in an area south of central Gothenburg called Mölndal. In fact the Swedish authorities are so frightened of offending the Muslim community, that they forbid her co-workers from holding a memorial in her honor at that place where they all worked for fear it would offend the other muslims. Stories like this are a dime a dozen here, but not all are reported. The reugee assylum seekers today are a different culture of human being, irrespective of what country they come from.

Reality check: I struggle with the ungodly wish that all the social workers who advocate Swede-ism in Canada could go live there and immerse themselves in that kind of thing.

True, the social workers here—or there—never mean it to come to what it comes to. But the trouble is, they are who they are. And who they are means that it must come to this. And they are not the principal victims. Consider the Shafia girls.

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