Panama Papers: Customers include suspected financiers of terrorism and gunrunners

For years, the records show, Mossack Fonseca has earned money creating shell companies that have been used by, amongst other clients, suspected financiers of terrorists and war criminals in the Middle East; drug kings and queens from Mexico, Guatemala and Eastern Europe; nuclear weapons proliferators in Iran and North Korea, and arms dealers in southern Africa.

More… Quebec lawyer features as major tax haven facilitator in Panama Papers leak

  • Kudos to the person who reveled this information. This should shake the corridors of power up a bit, and show how many of our leaders are corrupt and swimming side by side with some of the world’s worst elements.

    • A little “Zero Tolerance” for terror funding would help.

      Confiscate 100% of all funds associated with any person, organization, or government found facilitating terror.

      Imagine the tight butts in Saudi Arabia if this was in place.

  • tom_billesley

    First scalp … PM of Iceland has resigned.

  • Surprise, surprise.

  • simus1

    Let us pray that a thorough Red Star C&S excavation will not find any Liberal Saints among the sinners. Even dead ones. That would be truly appalling and unfortunate.

    • Frances

      Can’t we get the Rebel to review the data?

  • Manny Rodriguez

    Learning how money gets laundered is interesting but I also want to know where did this dirty money come from?