No True Scotsman: The Logical Fallacy of Obama’s ISIS Policy

Paris, San Bernardino and now Brussels. Once again, the world is horrified by another heinous attack committed by radical Muslims. And once again, questions on the nature of Islam, are sizzling in scholarly circles, the media, and our social communities.

Are these attacks a reflection of what Islam really believes or not? Scholars, political figures, and society as a whole are all divided by this question. Is Islam a religion that promotes violence or not? Many in the media believe that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam.

  • simus1

    The left is investing a lot of goodwill in muslamia, hoping against hope it will produce better results than the sterile ground it found after a century of trying to get the white and black western working class to revolt under their leadership.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    These attacks have more to do with Islam than the pope has to do with Catholicism.

  • Gary

    Obama is making it worse for islam because all of the Quran inspired terrorism he says that aren’t done by true muslims……..these means that there is something in the quran so powerful to produce savages that even Non-Muslims can read it and want to slaughter innocent people and then suddenly want to praise allah in Arabic .
    Imagine how many closet-jihadists there are among the Devout followers that better understand the Jihad verses .