If American Jews and Israel Are Drifting Apart, What’s the Reason?

Everyone knows that American Jews and Israel are drifting apart—and everyone is confident of the reasons why. Israel, it is said, has become increasingly nationalistic and right-wing; “the occupation” violates liberal values; and the American Jewish “establishment,” with its old familiar defense organizations and their old familiar apologetics, has lost touch with young American Jews who are put off by outdated Zionist slogans and hoary appeals for communal solidarity. In brief, the fundamental problem resides in the nature of the Israeli polity and the policies of the Israeli government, which together account for the growing misfit between Israelis and their American Jewish cousins.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Ever notice how the people who live the furthest away from strife have the strongest opinions on how to fix them?

  • Surele Surele

    who said that: ‘my idiot people’?

    • Waffle

      Surele, this is the consequence of forgetting our history and failing to pass it on to the next generations. I know, I know, boring and tedious, but that’s what it’s come down to. In both Canada and the U.S., we have prospered and to succeeded to such an extent that too many of us have forgotten that we are Jews. Thus, our children have bought the false narrative of the “occupation”.

      Zionism has become a dirty word. I don’t know about you, but I grew up as a zionist as did most of my peers in the wilds of small-town Canada. The JNF box sat on the kitchen window waiting to receive the small change that would help plant trees in Eretz Yisroel. CJC’s youth wing — Young Judea was the glue that knit the far flung communities of Northern Ontario (and other places) together. I still have the scrapbook I put together of pictures of those those early pioneers after independence.

      Shuli Natan’s 1967 quasi-anthem makes me tear up even just thinking about it.

      Although I have never visited, over the years I have studied the history of our people, first to try to understand what happened in Germany and more recently, to try to understand what happened in Sepherad. Most Jews I know are still obsessed with the Holocaust and understandably so — it happened just yesterday. However, I think what happened in Spain is much for relevant to today’s events and zeitgeist. Unfortunately this part of the Jewish experience is not studied and it has been reduced and misinterpreted to a single meme – “The Inquisition”.

      Our ignorant and defenseless children are like the frogs, unaware while they are slowly being boiled. The next horror will not be a resurrection of the crematoria, it will be the new Inquisition. The foundation has already been laid. The writing is on the wall.

      • Surele Surele

        And it is not only in Jewish community. There is no history in children education in North America; that’s why it is so easy to sway them. They are, as you said, defenseless. I grew up in Poland, completely different childhood, but steeped in my Jewish roots, nevertheless.

        • Waffle

          So true. They have no idea what their grandfathers fought and died for. They have been taught to despise our hard-won freedoms and liberties.

        • Kathy Prendergast

          I never learned a damn thing about Israel – at least nothing that was true – when I was growing up, except a bit from my father (a Catholic) who once visited Israel with his British theatre company in the early 1960s. There was nothing about it in social studies at school. My dad was quite pro-Israel because he had actually been there, but the message I got from most other adults (including my mom) when the subject came up was closer to the typical Palestinian narrative, the idea that all the Jews in Israel were colonial “invaders” who took over the sovereign Arab nation of “Palestine” and kicked all the Arabs out. My parents and the social circle they moved in were quite left-leaning so in hindsight that’s not surprising. The project to de-legitimize and eventually destroy Israel through gross historical revisionism and outright lies was first hatched by the Communist bloc and the Arab League in the 1960s. It was (and still is) one of the most brilliantly successful propaganda campaigns in history.

          • Surele Surele

            they’ve learned from the ‘best’: Joseph Goebbels

  • Ed

    To be perfectly honest, I’m tiring of the “burden” of supporting jews who don’t give a shit. When they’re engaged we’ll be…

  • Blacksmith

    American Jews are leftist enablers they should all kill themselves to make the pisslamist happy.

  • Spatchcocked

    The thought of Jews being dumbed down is depressing.
    But there are enough of us goyim who know the score to redress that deficiency.
    More suffering to come of course but in the end God is on our side.

  • Alain

    In my opinion the reason is rather simple; it is an almost total ignorance of the history of their people and also ignorance of Judaism. Having been born of a Jewish mother they may qualify as Jews, for me they are not anymore than one claiming to be Christian and not believing in Christian teachings. There was a time in Jewish history when should people would have been excommunicated/cast out due to the harm and danger they caused the people.

  • Yo Mama

    I too am against the occupation and think all the arab invaders should get out of Judea and Samaria!

    • Kathy Prendergast

      I agree with you there. Most of them can’t trace their ancestry in the region back more than a century, at most. Arabs swarmed into the region from Syria after the first Zionists came because of the jobs they provided.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    I realize that there are some religious Jews that hate the idea of Israel and refuse to support it, but they are few and far between and are generally of the extremist ultra-Orthodox variety whose objection to the state of Israel is based on some obscure religious reasoning. However, I get the strong impression that most so-called “Jews” against Israel have never set foot inside a synagogue in their entire lives, and do not observe any Jewish dietary practices, rituals, or holidays. They are actually staunch atheists and hardcore leftists, and the hard left has nursed a psychotic and murderous hatred of Israel since the 1960s. Judaism to them is an ethnicity only, and one of convenience at that.

  • Jews against Israel are no longer really Jews (i.e. are Jinos). Their “Jewish” label is a convenient one for them, but it refers to no internal reality.

  • ed

    the correct term for her is ” judenrat ” !