German Police Caught Concealing Numerous Cases of Rape and Molestation by Muslim Asylum Seekers

Scared young girl with an adult man's hand covering her mouth

The police concealed a sex attack by asylum seekers on two women in Meschede. They say their approach was justified by tactical considerations. Even after the events in Cologne, they hold to this line.

  • Martin B

    By now a civil war is the only thing that will make them stop lying.

  • ed

    female and male rapes and sexual attacks have increased in the past 10 years by 52% in the uk mainly London .although the ethnic and religious make up of the attackers are known to the police and government both REFUSE point blank to disclose the figures stating that it is not in the public interest . [ ed uk ]

  • simus1

    German police – there must be a special gene that keeps such filth from committing suicide when they look in the mirror each morning.

  • ontario john

    Gee, I didn’t see that in the Toronto Star so it can’t be true.

  • Norman_In_New_York
  • bargogx1

    Disgusting lying cowards, unworthy to wear a badge and police uniforms.

  • Gary

    I won’y be shocked if we find out thet the Toronto Police are just as guilty plus the CUPE member that are already committing treason to take tax dollars and give them to Tourists and illegals such as Welfare and health care.
    Joe Mihevic went public and made it clear to the CUPE members that the 300,000 illegals in Toronto must be processed to get Welfare.

    I was shocked that the RCMP didn’t arrest Joe and do the perp walk in cuffs for ordering CUPE member to commit treason , this because the CRA collects the Taxes via Incomes for the Government budgets as they mete out Payments to those entitled to them.
    The RCMP enforces those Laws and NOT Leftists City Councillors in Toronto like the pro-Communism Joe Mihevic. John Tory does not have the power either to steal tax dollars from the CRA and hand them to Tourists or illegals here for the social services just to get Votes from the Minority groups.
    Toronto is already on its way to being a Detroit as the debt climbs just for the Police and welfare.

    Add the islamic supremacy aspect for no-go Zones and child rapes will be the new norm with the current honour-killings and gang murders among Somali’s .

    The Old canada is dead thanks to Liberals while Justin is now pushing towards a 3rd world islamic hell-hole to flood Canada with Muslim migrants .