Does this matter anymore?

Former Conservative cabinet ministers Kellie Leitch and Maxime Bernier are both laying the groundwork to launch leadership bids to replace Stephen Harper.


Our political class doesn’t inspire me. It’s all the same careerists regardless of party colours.

The Conservatives gave us mass immigration, the TFW scandal and trade deals that were supposed to benefit us all but instead pissed all over everyone not well enough connected.

PM Useful Idiot will give us more of the same plus fake “refugees” and more crony capitalism.

The Liberal press extolled Rob Ford’s populism as “connecting” to the “left behind”.

What does that say about the liberal – left?

It says they have not only failed the “left-behind” but have dismissed them as if they couldn’t even have been bothered to begin with.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They’re both great candidates, Bernier would probably help the party pick up seats in Quebec. This, combined with Quebec support for the NDP, would would really hurt the Liberals in that province.

    • OK, but would they actually be like you know “Conservative”

      • That is the question. The homosexual faction is petitioning the federal party to change the definition of marriage in its program. We already saw that Patrick Brown converted to the global warming cult and I suspect we can expect the same at federal level. They don’t understand that morphing into your opponent doesn’t attract to you his supporters. I won’t be renewing my membership in either party. It looks like only a major economic disaster could bring to the top a sensible politician.

      • Ron MacDonald

        Even Mulcair would be an improvement over Stupid.

  • H

    Was reading somewhere recently (possibly here) that Conservatives in Canada and Republicans in America really don’t differ on social policy from their supposedly more liberal counterparts. Not anymore at least, not since the 80’s or, arguably, earlier.

    Possibly they still do differ somewhat on economic policy: with conservatives favoring somewhat smaller government, lower taxes, balanced budgets, etc. But the evidence is mounting that even this is not the case (the Republicans passed the Omnibus bill; Harper drove up the debt, inundated the country in Muslims (a social problem but this also has negative economic effects, such as driving down wages and forcing an expansion of the government bureaucracy).

    So who does a conservative vote for nowadays? In the US, a fairly clear choice has arisen, but Canada has no such heaven-sent leader – not yet at least.

    • simus1

      If the left are full service for all aspiring rent seekers regardless of their supposed political inclinations and the same for other rich people “needing help” then the powerful have little personal need for political change.
      At least until other peoples money runs out.

    • Red Tory’s and Liberals may as well be the same party.

      • It’s bad .Does Stephen Harper want to go back? Why not elect him again?

      • It’s bad .Does Stephen Harper want to go back? Why not elect him once more?

    • American politicians, Republicans are a lot worse than you can think.

    • Harper, of course, was not perfect. Firstly there are no ideal politicians, and secondly all make mistakes. Of course Harper is not an exclusion, to err is human. But he could be trusted. Those. He was a very good prime minister, but he was not devoid of shortcomings, as all politicians. .. Oh yeah, he can win the comparison with the American Presidents. He can be compared to the British Prime Minister Margarette Thatcher, who has also major bugs, but she was one of the best politicians.

  • WhiteRabbit3

    I don’t mind any of the Conservative candidates except O’Leary.

    • I don’t trust any of em.

    • Waffle

      O’Leary isn’t a Conservative (whatever that might be these days).

    • V10_Rob

      The Canadian right doesn’t seem to be in any great hurry. Probably because whoever steps up will be instantly christened THE CANADIAN TRUMP, with all the rabid leftist mobs and media hatchet jobs it entails.

      I expect they’re examining the political winds blowing south of the border, and trying to figure out how they can keep their usual mushy conservatism while igniting a populist revolt that will sweep them into power.

  • Canadians are genetically incapable of making their leaders accountable for anything.

    This is why we have Wynne and Trudeau.