Won’t someone think of the women and children?

From Policing the Migrants…

Migrant violence1

Migrant violence 2

Migrant violence 3

Migrant violence 4

Migrant violence 5

  • Earlier today I had a link to a video of Australian leftists and Muslims attacking a right wing protest group – they beat the stuffing out of them for a couple minutes until the police showed up. One guy was well bloodied. YouTube deleted the account.

    • I saw that protest in a news vid. Youtube deletes a lot of accounts. Look to Liveleak for video like that.

  • Frances

    What women and children?

  • Martin B

    Fine future citizens every one of them.

  • The Muslim migrants – utterly evil thugs. The politicians who import them and the media and leftist activists who support them are even more evil – opening the gates of hell for the peaceful citizens of Western countries. Both groups deserve to be banned from the West forever.

  • john700

    I love the guy in the picture wearing an AC/DC sweater, 2 rocks in his hands. Keep rockin’, man!