Muslim terrorists are not deprived, they are depraved

THE MORTAL threat of Islamic extremism should be met by resolute courage.

But instead, too many European commentators and politicians wallow in guilt-tripping self-hatred. Peddling their narrative of Muslim victimhood they continually make excuses for the jihadists and pin the blame for terrorism on western societies.

According to their warped analysis, violent radicalism is caused not by a barbaric, supremacist dogma but by deprivation, inequality, poor housing, unemployment or lack of education. In the wake of the Brussels massacre there has been a barrage of such rhetoric typified by the contribution from the Belgian politician MEP and federalist fanatic Guy Verhorfstadt.

  • tom_billesley

    European governments see the solution as more government, with bigger budgets for welfare, social housing, public education, and healthcare, at the expense of law enforcement and defence, but mostly to be funded by public borrowing waiting for their irregular migrant geese to lay golden eggs.

  • Gary

    Here in Toronto I have heard far too many non-whites claim that Paris and Belgium deserved that attacks because of racism to push muslims in ghettos that forces them to rebel and do jihad terrorism as last resort from the poverty.