Islamic Immigration: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Anymore

…Fourth, Europeans need to adapt their legal system to the nonindividualistic culture of Muslims. For example, the threat of a jail term might not deter a Muslim terrorist who expects to flee back to Syria and/or collect his 72 virgins.

…In Arab countries, except sometimes during the Arab Spring, disorganized street crime is surprisingly rare. That’s because Arabs know how to police Arabs.

…For example, several of the Muslim outrages in France in 2015, such as November’s slaughter, the August attack on the train foiled by the American soldiers, and the massacre at the kosher supermarket last January, were organized in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek, which is less impoverished than you might expect: Muslims aren’t bad at running small businesses, so they have something to lose. If young Mohamed runs amok, the patriarch of his clan should have his beautiful launderette confiscated and he be deported.

… Sure, this new legal doctrine of collective responsibility would be a betrayal of the proud Western European tradition of individualism. But the alternative – keeping Muslims out of Europe – seems unthinkable to today’s leaders such as Dr. Merkel.

Personally, I’m in favor of the old system of having separate countries. Belgium, say, could have laws suited to Belgians and Yemen could have laws suited to Yemenis.

But thinking that makes me some kind of crazed extremist.

  • H

    “Collective punishment is now the progressive, European, multicultural, diverse way of doing things. It’s who we are.”

    He definitely has a point, but damn – this is such profoundly discouraging stuff: because we can’t force our governments, business leaders and its other supporters to reverse course on mass Muslim immigration, we must either allow the lawlessness and violence that Europe is experiencing or throw out freedom in exchange for a tense and brutally enforced “stability”. Quite a choice.

    I personally still stubbornly refuse to abandon that uncivilized, unpopular and outdated idea of ending mass Muslim immigration, deporting en masse large numbers who refuse to adapt to Western culture, and maintaining as best we can the ideals of liberty and individualism that were foundational to our civilization. But it seems that this viewpoint is not a very popular one nowadays.

    • I believe Europe will be forced to the same conclusion or it will not survive.

    • pdxnag

      If you allow Muslims to remain then you too would have to do as Saddam Hussein has done, or Bashar Assad, etc., just to maintain a veneer of order. How sweet it is, to totalitarians.

  • Millie_Woods
  • pdxnag

    We do not need to engage in such mental gymnastics. The moment we invoke the characterization of collective punishment we hand someone grounds to object. A pious Muslim of his own free will chooses Islam and to self-identify as Muslim. Islam immutably mandates sedition, either violent or pre-violent. We need do no more than publicly acknowledge their public profession of superior loyalty to the worldwide Islamic Ummah, then unceremoniously boot them out for that very reason.

    This would work for non-Muslim Yemenis who have had their fill of the Islam-inspired culture of tyranny and collective punishment. Choose apostasy from Islam or GTFO. A minority group of free people trying to throw off the shackles of Islamic tyranny can be called freedom fighters, in a civil war. I see no philosophical need to yield to Islam anywhere in the world.

    The only mental challenge is deciding what to do with the local folks who are ostensibly not Muslim but who nevertheless favor and violently support the mass invasion of hostile Muslims.

  • moraywatson

    Yeah ! I’d like to live in a country with minimal government intrusion into daily life. That country would require a strong ethic of individual responsibility based on outcomes, rather than on prejudices. (Eg. DUI would not be a crime. Killing someone with your car would be. Punishment to follow.)
    The United States was that country, but is close to being lost. Canada was that country, even as recently as the 1970’s, but is now a socialist and social justice nightmare.