Islamic Immigration: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Anymore

…Fourth, Europeans need to adapt their legal system to the nonindividualistic culture of Muslims. For example, the threat of a jail term might not deter a Muslim terrorist who expects to flee back to Syria and/or collect his 72 virgins.

…In Arab countries, except sometimes during the Arab Spring, disorganized street crime is surprisingly rare. That’s because Arabs know how to police Arabs.

…For example, several of the Muslim outrages in France in 2015, such as November’s slaughter, the August attack on the train foiled by the American soldiers, and the massacre at the kosher supermarket last January, were organized in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek, which is less impoverished than you might expect: Muslims aren’t bad at running small businesses, so they have something to lose. If young Mohamed runs amok, the patriarch of his clan should have his beautiful launderette confiscated and he be deported.

… Sure, this new legal doctrine of collective responsibility would be a betrayal of the proud Western European tradition of individualism. But the alternative – keeping Muslims out of Europe – seems unthinkable to today’s leaders such as Dr. Merkel.

Personally, I’m in favor of the old system of having separate countries. Belgium, say, could have laws suited to Belgians and Yemen could have laws suited to Yemenis.

But thinking that makes me some kind of crazed extremist.