ISIS in Europe: How Deep is the “Gray Zone”?

In the 1970s and ’80s, Europe was terrorized by a war declared by Communist armed groups, such as the Germany’s Baader Meinhof or Italy’s Red Brigades. Terrorists seemed determined to undermine democracy and capitalism. They targeted dozens of journalists, public officials, professors, economists and politicians, and in Italy in 1978, even kidnapped and executed Italy’s former prime minister, Aldo Moro.

The big question then was: “How deep is the ‘gray zone’?” — the sympathizers of terrorism in the industrial factories, labor unions and universities.

  • Gary

    CUPE has made it clear for over 20 years now that they side with Hamas , even Sid Ryan has no shame to admit it on TV and on the radio and yet hamas brutally kills homosexuals and uses women and children as suicide bombers.
    Gotta love those Union’s telling us how they fight for Human Rights.