Continental Breakfast


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  • H

    Egg and bacon pizza?! I’m not sure if this would qualify as a continental breakfast (depends on the continent, I suppose: North America? Antarctica?) but it’s definitely my kind of breakfast …

    • You’re right but real continental breakfast pictures are hard to find.The concept for ‘Continental’ was the post being pared down, without individual graphics or a lead for each article.

    • canminuteman

      I had pizza in Paris once, and a “normal pizza” came with an egg in the middle like this and creme freshe on the side. It was really good.

    • tom_billesley

      In many UK hotels, a “continental breakfast” is coffee, orange juice and a stale croissant. Sometimes included in the room price but best avoided.

  • ontario john

    CTV News and the United Church Journal are excited this morning about a Walrus/UC Journal public forum on religion. It will be held in Toronto tonight of course. It is a blatant attack by leftists to further erode our Christian and Western values, and make room for the new state religion Islam. The panel consists of the most leftist members of the main line liberal churches, including the atheist minister of the United Church. During the forum they will discuss how the Christian faith will disappear in Canada, and churches should convert to left wing causes like global warming, whiny indians, and other efforts. Yes, according to them, the Christian faith is dead and churches should be leftist political think tanks. Of course CTV News had a big interview with them. Too bad I don’t live in Toronto, as I would go to the forum and give my two cents. The faith is very much alive in Canada at the Bible believing and Evangelical churches thankyou.