Charlie Hebdo Upsets The Usual Suspects For Pointing Out The Emperor Has No Clothes

Charlie Hebdo Blames Presence of Muslims for Brussels Attacks

As France witnesses unprecedented levels of Islamophobia, Charlie Hebdo blames all Muslims for the Brussels attacks.
Charlie Hebdo, the controversial French satirical publication, has come under harsh criticism for an English-language editorial it published last week that blames ordinary Muslims for terrorist attacks such as those in Brussels and Paris.

Just a week after suicide bombers left 31 people dead and 300 injured in the Belgian capital, the newspaper published a piece titled “How Did We End Up Here?” in which peaceful, practising Muslims are lumped together with extremist terrorists.

The piece gives three examples of how ordinary Muslims supposedly contribute to events such as the attacks in Brussels. (Link fixed)


Pssst…. Here’s a secret…. Less Islam = Less bloodshed.