Ostracism [os-truh-siz-uh m] 1: a method of temporary banishment by popular vote without trial or special accusation practiced in ancient Greece, 2 : exclusion by general consent from common privileges or social acceptance

trump coffee cup starbucks

Moonbat Starbucks Barista Refuses To Call Out ‘Trump’ Name On Cup

Bonus: Judge Jeanine clip included

  • simus1

    On my first visit to a newly opened poorly stocked Target Canada emporium (which would go downhill from there stock wise as time passed) the main activity consisted of cashiers desperately pushing their credit card to wary shoppers. The in store Starbucks was the icing on the cake – a not very subtle ploy that underlined the “more money than brains demographic” was the most desirable prey in their sights.

    I’ve never entered a Starbucks so far but must confess to occasionally buying their whole bean product on sale at Costco prior to the collapse of the Canadian peso. It is nothing special when compared to the Costa Rican, Jamaican, Sumatran, or Ethiopian blends.

  • Gary

    I listened to Hillary go on one of the shrill rants to bash several minority groups that weren’t liberals while he trained seals clapped and would booo on cue……then these low IQ knuckle dragging yahoo’s cheered for her when she attacked the Republican’s for causing a division among groups and using Labels.
    Hillary keeps including the Jihadists in the USA as part of the muslim population to be inclusive when it offends the same muslims she says she is supporting.
    Obama has set back racial tensions to the 1950’s which is so ironic because he and Hillary will go to a Black crowd and lower the English skills to around grade 6 and then talk like a Southern negro as if these are morons in the room.
    This is why Obama and Justin get along because Liberals here treat non-white as ignorant peons too stupid to see they had their votes bought or that their new Community Centre was to keep them the Fu** out of their White area.
    Non of the 200,000 syrian refugees are going into Wealth White Liberal neighbourhoods, nor are the Safe Injection Sights or Homeless shelters.

    I know this sounds cruel and bit of bigotry, but I grew up in a White area among the poor as a Native background person and if I needed a good Doctor or lawyer I would get a Jew….but if I needed a back stabbing treasonous liar and weasel I would get a White Person ( mainly Liberal) because deep down inside they have the survival gene to be loyal to who ever has the money or power.

    I don’t trust John Tory and I never trusted David Miller or Bob Rae as wealthy white’s from rich areas and backgrounds.

    i.e. David Miller showed up the tribute for Jordan Manners – that was shot in a school hall and left to bleed to death while Teacher used the Sgt. Schultz defence- and claimed that he knew how tough things are because he was raised by a Single mum.
    What BS from the blue eyed Elite that is an American from San Francisco that went to Private schools and git a Harvard education via White privilege and tries to hijack the Black experience.
    I hope the minorities finally wake up to this fraud and see that it’s the average white person that’s on their side while the real racist and enemy
    is the White upper class and rich like Paul Martin who hides his wealthy outside of Canada to avoid taxes while Immigrants are the suckers to pay off Justin’s $850 billion debt he will leaves us in 2019 .
    He didn’t cause all of it , but I watched it grow from the $10 billion in the Trudeau days ( 1970) where the Ponze-scheme get going as they all screwed the taxpayers as they feathered their nest.

  • Hard Little Machine

    that’s pretty funny, pour it out on the counter.