Why Summits On Nuclear Safety Will Never Work

Stating the bleeding obvious…

These summits are taxpayer-funded wastes of time.

Chinese-backed North Korea has nuclear weapons and Kim Jong-Un is mad enough to give Japan its third nuclear payload.

Japan and South Korea will not sit idly by while North Korea plans their destruction, nor are they not cognisant of China’s over-reaching power.

Is China ready to surrender its nukes?

Something tells me that Obama has no answer for this as he does for the mad theocratic state of Iran getting its nuclear program on track.

Why would a real leader like India’s Modi listen to PM Hair-Boy Trudeau when it is next-door to the fanatical nuclear state of Pakistan?

And who paved the way for the aforementioned fanatical state to get nuclear weapons?

How is nuclear material used for medical purposes protected?

Comb through this document to see how nuclear material for medical research is guarded in a special facility.

But how is nuclear material protected in hospitals or clinics?

I’m sure someone unworried about dirty bombs has an answer for that one.

In summation, the summit was hot air for hot bags of gas.

  • canminuteman

    Japan and South Korea could both build nuclear weapons if they chose to. Its technology that is pushing a century old. I don’t know about SKorea but I suspect Japan already has nuclear weapons.

    • G

      They could well have them. Nations no longer really need to test nuclear weapons by exploding them. Testing can be done in other ways. Actual nuclear test explosions are basically done for propaganda purposes.

      You don’t light the damned things off unless you want the entire world to know you have them.

      As far as the summits go? These “summits” are nothing more than another stupid excuse for our overly comfortable leaders to travel on a taxpayer funded vacation and pretend it’s work.

      • G

        My guess is that Iran also probably already actually has at least one or two usable nukes in their arsenal.
        The U.S. only had four bombs available to them in May 1945.

        The Iranian nukes might not be perfect, state of the art, missile capable, warheads but if they work they are dangerous. This would explain why negotiation with this country has been so weak and haphazard. Of course we will never hear about it if Iran does have nukes because the MSM simply can’t be trusted.

    • South Korea has been working on EMPs.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “Aren’t You Absolutely Sure He Is A Muslim?” fify

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s crucially important to understand that Obama is NOT an anti proliferationist. His two loudest voices from academia vis a vis nuclear policy are those two familiar Jew haters – Walt and Mearsheimer. What’s important to understand is they are acolytes of the so called ‘Neo Rational’ school of foreign relations founded by the the late Dr Ken Waltz and Dr Waltz was famous for arguing for years that the world is a safer place the more atomic there are and the more countries and sub states that possess them. In fact there is a long 4 edition series of academic debates with another academic Dr Scott Sagan who argues just the reverse. You can buy these editions on Amazon “The Spread of Nuclear Weapons”.

    Waltz. Walt and Mearsheimer form the nucleus of Obama’s thinking on this subject. He, Obama, does not believe in atomic weapons restrictions – he believes in proliferation.