Violent brawl at Halal festival in Ascot Vale

A Halal food festival has been rocked by a violent brawl between anti-Islam protesters and far-left activists.

About 30 far-left protesters wearing black clothing and balaclavas, believed to be part of the anti-fascist Antifa group, swarmed a group of right extremists, including members of the United Patriots Front, Reclaim Australia and other anti-Halal activists.

Demonstrators on both sides threw punches, wrestled each other and pinned each other to the ground outside the festival in Ascot Vale.

Video at link, h/t Suze

  • Jacky Aldridge

    So participating in a peaceful anti-halal, anti animal cruelty rally makes you a right wing extremist, but a coordinated gathering of rioters disguised in black hoodies assaulting and maiming said rally only makes you a far left protestor, riiiight…. :/

    • Blacksmith

      Yup pretty much.

  • Shebel

    I see 3 assholes clad in Black and a very amused horse.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Had these been right ring extremists there would have been severely injured or dead leftists.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Islam – it ruins everything.

  • canminuteman

    I recall saying just yesterday that our left and right were going to kill each other off and the muzzies were going to inherit the ashes.

    • Blacksmith

      You think the leftist will do that much damage?

      • canminuteman

        I don’t think muzzies would be as dangerous if they didn’t have leftist enablers.

  • John

    Who finances the ‘anti-fascists’? Who pays these Brownshirts to suppress free speech and the popular will?

    • Sid Falco

      George Soros – the nazi collaborator.

  • Blacksmith

    So, it was a punch a hippie party? Damn I missed it……