UN shows anti-Israel bias once again

Since becoming PM last November, Liberal Justin Trudeau has been enthusiastic to say the least about Canada’s role at the United Nations.

He led the largest delegation of any Western nation to the UN’s climate gabfest at Paris last December. He pledged billions of Canadians’ tax dollars to UN “green” projects worldwide.

He hosted Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Canada during a three-day mutual love-in.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If the US manages to pull its head out of its ass and not elect a democrat we may actually see the day when the US suspends most if not all money from the UN. And then what? They’ll be pissed? Fuck em.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    When hasn’t the UN shown anti-Israel bias? Not since 1947, when the partition of Mandatory Palestine passed the General Assembly in a non-binding vote after President Truman engaged in considerable arm twisting against the wishes of his own State Department. Since then, it’s been the same racist bullshit over and over again.

  • Gary

    Justin’s has a senior adviser that is a Saudi Sunni jew-hater tied to an islamic org that was caught funding hamas terrorism .
    The group that this treasonous weasel had belonged to had said on a radio station that 80% of he Muslims in Canada support hezballah during the 2006 illegal war wages by Hezballah.
    Justin toured the Jew-hating mosque for votes and even took the pledge to convert to islam and deny jesus as the messiah. This from a catholic but I’m not shocked because Dan McTeague did the same thing in a video from the Pickering Mosque as did Mark Holland.
    They stab canada in back behind the closed doors of mosques but they will be hanged first under shariah so it’s not all bad news .