The Cost Of Islam: War on crime hit by police shortages as cash goes to fighting terrorism

THE war on crime is under threat because overstretched police are focusing on fighting terrorism.

Neighbourhood patrols are being scaled back because of staff cuts and resources needed to tackle the threat of Islamic extremists, the head of the Police Federation has warned.

Intelligence gathering on criminal networks behind some of the country’s worst gang violence has also suffered, according to Steve White. He said the Government had slashed officer numbers by 17,000 in four years leaving inadequate cover for other aspects of policing.

Such limited resources, he argued, had allowed street crime like shootings and stabbings to become a major problem again. Figures released last week revealed that more than 1,500 children were held for suspected firearms offences in the last three years.


It is the same in Canada… Top Mountie says 500 organized crime investigators now on terrorism cases

  • David Smith

    One of the many fronts in the warm against islam, the money front.

  • Alain

    Crime will always exist; that is a given. However Muslim crime and terrorism is self-inflicted in Western countries. It is like importing, and refusing to stop, a deadly virus while complaining there are not enough resources to deal with the epidemic.

  • canminuteman

    And the irony of it is, is that they had to cut 17,000 police officers so that they could afford welfare payments to terrorists!

  • WalterBannon

    Maybe UK police should spend much less resources on arresting native Britons for expressing their opinions on twitter and facebook, or arresting students for saying they support UKIP and other Gestapo like activities that they invest so much time on.

  • Bataviawillem

    The real cost of muslim immigration is more than we can afford.

  • Gary

    By the looks of the number, it’s costing us $50 a year per muslim for security while Justin wants to bring in another 175,000 migrants that will get Welfare as the step on our soil and the Full Dental coverage that could cost about $20,000.00 each.

    The dentists in my area had to hire Spanish speaking staff to keep up with the 30,000 Mexican’s that came her to make a refugee claim , there are about 6 dental offices on one corner area because the Welfare Office and refugee Centre is in the local Building.
    The CBC keeps pushing the Myth of the refugee with $40.00 in their pocket that is now a billionaire employing Canadian’s. Today’s refugees are sending OUT tax dollars back home and don’t employ any Canadians other the CUPE members.