Six Startling Contrasts Between the Bible and the Quran

“I recently wrote about some of the “Startling Similarities (and Contrasts) Between the Bible and the Quran.” Here are six more important differences between the holy books of the world’s two largest religions…”

  • Oracle9

    The most relevant difference I notice, is the Judeo-Christian concept of man being “created in the image of God”, while Islam honors no such reference and any statement of the sacredness of life is absent from its belief system. Hence the most diabolical treatment of our fellow humans by Muslims, crimes committed with great joy and evil righteousness, becomes routine.

    This disrespect extends beyond humans as well, to dogs for example, and any animal butchered under halal rules.

    • Alain

      To the best of my knowledge Christians are not called to convert others by the sword and to kill all non believers. That to my mind is the most important difference.

      • Oracle9

        True. It’s related to the fact that we in the West do value all life.

        • Frances

          And yet the origins of this Christian principle are in the same region of the world as that of Islam. True, it was obeyed in the breach too often, but it is still a fundamental principle of Christianity.

  • God is a liar, Jesus was just some prophet and a man can marry a child.

    How is the Koran congruous with Allah the merciful?

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Allah was a demon who possessed Mo. Remember, that’s what he thought was going on at first. He was right.