Satire: Progressive parents throw gender declaration parties

From Daily Caller:

Like other progressive parents, Bryce and Priscilla Hawkins-Hart of Springfield, Mass. did everything they could to keep their “penis-child” Taylor from being pressured into one gender or another. In addition to Taylor’s androgynous name, they insisted on using the gender-neutral pronoun zhe, painted zher room a monochrome grey, and forced zhim to play with both dolls and toy trucks while growing up.

“I remember when the doctor told me ‘It’s a boy!’” Bryce told The Daily Caller. “I just said to him, ‘Well, we’ll see about that!’ Then, I reported that doctor for child abuse for trying to force a gender onto young children.” More.

Reality check: It’s satire now. But fifteen years ago, how many liberal, progressive women expected to confront a guy who is legally in the women’s washroom? Presumably, those women now accept it or know enough to shut the heck up.

His feelings matter; hers don’t.

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