Pittsburgh station fires newswoman over black-on-black crime Facebook post

A Pittsburgh TV station cut ties with one of its longtime anchorwomen on Wednesday over a controversial Facebook post that many consider racist.

Wendy Bell, who had been with WTAE for 18 years, had speculated about the likely profiles of the gunmen who killed five adults and an unborn baby at a barbeque in Wilkinsburg, Pa., on March 9.

  • LOL my local news station, I watch(ed) her in the mornings. PC ruins another life.

    • It does like to do that.

      • To fix a problem you must identify it.

        There is obviously a problem. And it is not a honkie problem.

        Not talking about it ensures more of the same.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    What I love most is how the left is lecturing us on how the First Amendment does not cover any entity but the government.
    So, now only the self-employed and government workers have any freedom of speech (or thought), OK, got it!

  • Alain

    Stating the truth cannot be tolerated in today’s sick and dying society.

  • mauser 98
  • canminuteman

    She was right, wasn’t she?

    • It was speculation, but well founded speculation.

  • Bataviawillem

    It starts to get dangerous to tell the truth.

  • Maggat

    She sounds like a straight shooter to me. The media needs more of people like her, that tells it like is is!!!

  • Maggat

    Some one should send her Ezra Levant’s address.

  • Gary

    18 years service seems to be the magic number for H.R. ‘s .
    Many businesses will lure in new employees with generous benefits and more vacation time at 15 years,20 and 25.
    It all looks great as to become a Company person with unpaid over time and unpaid work for Charities supported by the employer because you sense you have value which the other Companies don’t have as they let go of good workers after just 10 years.

    I have heard of ,plus seen, examples for employees getting close to the 20 year mark where they would get 2 more weeks holidays and be 5 years away from early retirement if they wish. But suddenly they are let go with a severance while they had new employees 1/5 th the experience but THEY are at a starting salary that is cheaper.
    Older people get sick more often and it gets worse as they age .

    This may have been a ruse to replace her with a PC black female , latino , trans person , or muslim male/female .

    Lets see who gets her job . Don’t forget that it was a large Retail chain in the USA that was exposed for that exact scam to promote employees to a Mangers position with great benefits after 20 years which few made it to because 18 years was the termination number to avoid the Company financial burden with 20+ year employees.

    I’d get a Lawyer to Sue facebook for not Deleting her post because FB seems to delete harmless comments that muslims and gays complain about and get removed. Her comment cost her a job .

  • Blacksmith

    The TRUTH will set you….. I mean get you fired……