Muslims issue death threats against Scotland’s top human rights lawyer…also a Muslim

SCOTLAND’s leading human rights lawyer has received death threats from Islamic extremists over his calls for unity within the country’s Muslim community.

Though unable to give details due to an ongoing police investigation, Aamer Anwar said the threats came from individuals who have taken issue with his call for Muslims of all backgrounds and denominations to stand up together against Islamic extremism.

Anwar said he did not wish to go into ‘the specifics’ of the threats against him, but said he “presumed” they came from Islamic extremists.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Islamic terrorists threatening to kill an Islamic “Human Rights” lawyer seems like an own-goal to me.
    They are both working toward the very same goals.

    • G

      Damned right! This is a win-win if there ever was one! GO MUZZIES! Nail his ass!
      (but make sure it’s a suicide attack – that way we don’t have to put up with you afterward.)

      • Gary

        True, if he isn’t killed he will sue the Police for not protecting him.

        The same Police he bashes every day as islamophobic and has muslim clients he coaches to Sue the Police .

  • Alain

    A Muslim human rights lawyer? Islam does not recognise human rights, but it seems to fool the not-too-bright.

    • Gary

      He gets away with it because he leaves out the ‘ ANTI’ at the front.
      We have the same scum in Canada which gave us 2 Public schools with a Mosque in them on Friday .
      Barbara Hall won’t come out of her Fog until the knife in on her throat.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Scotland will just blame the Jews.