Los Angeles Times: Students rally for Trump

Can this be true? Here:

Students for Trump began as a Twitter account in October in a dorm room at Campbell University in Buies Creek, N.C. Ryan Fournier, a freshman and early supporter of Rand Paul, was drawn to Trump’s blunt rhetoric and policies on border control and employment.

Between classes, homework and fraternity meetings, Fournier fired off tweets praising Trump and setting the record straight on what he considered misinformation.

“We love Muslims. We hate Islamic Extremism!” one tweet said.

In less than a month, Fournier had more than 14,000 Twitter followers. As GOP candidates like Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson dropped out of the presidential race, he gained thousands more. By December, he was devoting more than eight hours a day to spreading the word.

More than 5,000 students in 200 chapters in 38 states are publicly on board. More.

Reality check: If this is true, it signals a major cultural shift: Students who are no longer allowing Cool media to dictate to them how they should think. ?!

Has it become okay to ask hard questions about one’s own survival that are not answered by smoking a different brand of dope or waving a picket sign for an even crazier form of reduced life expectancy?

I don’t know if Trump is the answer to any question students should have. But I do know that their future depends on recognizing that the donorcrats do not care if they live or die. If they want to live, they must break their addiction to Cool media of every kind and ask instead, what works.

If Trump did that, he did something.

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