Germany: Attackers came from a Mosque

Okay, so we have several things going on here. We have, as it appears, a bunch of men attacking two females, spitting on them and beating them in the stomach, then breaking the ribs of one woman’s boyfriend who came to help the women, to where at some point the women learned from said muslim mob that they were attacked because their dog was unleashed, citing some dotty story about a muslim kid having been bitten by an unleashed dog so the women had to be beaten…, leading to the unearthing of another article that was written three months prior about that very same mosque and its unwillingness to integrate and participate in cooperative togetherness with other religious groups, shocking I know, which then made me remember the article and video of a few years ago of a Danish woman who was beaten, and her dog was beaten, for simply walking through an area that apparently was infested by MOSQUEitos, and which shows that the Danish woman was quite obviously completely oblivious as to just how much muslims hate women and dogs.