Bulgaria’s vigilante migrant ‘hunter’

A Bulgarian trader in spare parts for buses has become a national celebrity after starting to patrol the Turkish border “hunting” for migrants. Many Bulgarians applaud his vigilante initiative, though others are deeply troubled.

“Bulgaria needs people like me, dignified Bulgarians, willing to defend their homeland,” says Dinko Valev, sipping a fresh-squeezed orange juice in a flashy cafe in his hometown, Yambol, 50km (30 miles) from Bulgaria’s border with Turkey.

  • Mal

    Mr Valev, facing an aggressive mob – one member of which attacked him with a knife – subdued for the police “12 Syrian men, three women and a child with his bare hands”. (No age of the “child” given, though. Also, note the percentages. They hold with all the reports of the typical male/female migrant ratios.)
    Exemplary performance, I would say.
    To the dismay of all these “deeply troubled” EU moral superiors, I fully expect more people like Mr. Valev will be soon showing up at the venue. The blame of ALL of which ensuing drama can be laid at those EU bastards’ feet.
    Fingers crossed that they will be next on Mr. Valev’s and his many European associates’ checklist.

    • He’s doing the job they don’t want to do.

      • Mal

        Doing the job that eventually must be done, apparently, Blazer.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Gotta like it.

  • G

    This is a man of courage. He must not only face the migrants but his own countrymen.

  • G

    “large group of border police were waiting when they arrived. According to Valev they were deliberately scaring away migrants to prevent the vigilantes catching any. ”

    Cops hate it when ordinary people catch criminals. The police don’t get to strut around & bask in the adoration of being big tough heroes.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “…though others are deeply troubled.”
    Am I alone in figuring those higher purpose persons who are “troubled” by this should stuff it up their ass?

  • roccolore

    Bulgaria may the poorest country in all of Europe, but they are the smartest right now.