Belgium’s dilemmas over Islam are common to Europe

“…The problem is that any Muslim who wields enough clout to be a useful partner to the government is probably getting backing from somewhere, be it the governments of Morocco or Turkey, the Brotherhood or some other international network. And whenever the government starts grooming its own favourite Muslims, whose distinguishing feature is impeccable moderation, they can rapidly come to be seen as stooges by their own community. Many European countries, including Britain, face just that dilemma. But governments will keep trying to find the right partners because they feel they have no choice.”


It’s too late to talk about integration, not that it was much of an option to begin with.

These are settlers, not immigrants.

The apologists and appeasers in western societies have to recognize that unpalatable fact or Brussels will become just one more faded entry in the continuing litany of terror.

  • adam

    Any Belgian of any means who does not prepare for a future outside of Belgium is a complete fool. Ditto for Germans, French, and Swedes. Do you have a residence or residence permit somewhere safer. Eastern Europe, the US, or East Asia, perhaps.

    • UCSPanther

      I remember reading that Flanders is said to be capable of standing on its own, but Wallonia itself is a disparate region that is mostly made up of French, but has a considerable number of Germans and other groups within its ethnic makeup. This would ensure that if Wallonia became a separate nation, it would undergo further balkanization and the resultant pieces would end up rejoining the nations that they were once part of.

      The Brussels Journal’s archives from around 2006-2007 is a very interesting read on the topic of Belgium’s inherent instability.

      It also shows how Belgium is a microcosm of the EU, along with all the old and very active faultlines in European culture.

      • canminuteman

        Belgium is a perfect example of the instability of a multicultural state.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Other than Israel accepting the Jews of these countries, who would want to take in these losers?

  • lolwut?
  • Gary

    The bar has been lowered for muslims because the Police never arrest a muslim for child-abuse as we see in the photo for this child .
    David Miller saw the Tamils as lesser humans when he allowed the Tamil refugees to riot and assault the Police during their Pro- terrorism rally that turned ugly.
    Pro-terrorism muslims can march with while waving flags of Terrorist groups , muslim can spew hatred in public and call for a genocide to slaughter millions of people.

    I thought that muslims would be offended by the treatment to not arrest them because they are predisposed to riots and terrorism to the point we must pity them as if to be sub-humans .
    The Human Rights Commissions do the same thing and cater to muslims as not able to obey the Western laws and can spew hate and attack people.

    The Police tolerate child-abuse by muslims even in Toronto because I’ve seen it right on the News and front pages of the Papers. In fact, one muslim group wants to have Shariah in Canada to sanction the child-bride paedophilia on our soil but it will also sanction killing gays.

  • pdxnag

    Is it still sedition if it is the treasonous locals who sell you out to the foreign-backed Islamic imperialists?

    Finding a “partner” among Muslims is like selecting whom to surrender to, and nothing else.