The Democrat and Republican Parties Are Simply A Single Monster With Two Heads


This is interesting, if not unexpected. I mean really, they are not even trying to hide it anymore.

Why? Because the whole damn thing is rigged. It’s a crooked game. We should have seen it coming, but we wanted so badly to believe otherwise. I’m sure it’s much like finding out that your best friend is sleeping with your spouse. Sure there were signs, but the truth was just too horrible to admit, and so we pretended we saw nothing.

As I have been suspecting this past month, and slowly realizing this past week, we here in America have been suckered into playing a rigged carnival game disguised as federal elections that I estimate have been little more than an ongoing hoax for about the last 36 years, or maybe even longer. The rot began well before then, but only metastasized sometime in the 1980’s, as near as I can tell, but it might have even been underway twenty-years prior to that too. It’s just so hard to tell.

Special interest and big-money donors have so thoroughly bought and corrupted both sides of the aisle, that a vote for either party is more or less the same outcome. Can anybody REALLY argue that a vote for McCain over Obama in 2008 would have given us any measurable difference in government other than the wording of some speeches? Same thing with Romney in 2012. Would it really have looked appreciably different than a second Obama term? Maybe there would be no BLM movement, but beyond that, the differences would have been pretty damn subtle. Either side would have still been hell-bent on the course of population replacement, and we would still be exporting jobs to third-world countries at breakneck speeds while importing additional third-worlders in an effort to keep wages as low as possible within our borders. The deficit would continue to rise due to the Federal government buying votes from a welfare dependent class, with ever more worthless cash that is milked from an ever-shrinking pool of taxpayers. Ted Cruz will be kept in the game long enough to derail Trump, and then he will be cast overboard. He’s just not the ‘right kind of man’, at this time. If Donald Trump gets to the convention with anything less than 1,237 delegates (and likely a healthy additional reserve to head off any unforeseen shenanigans) then he’s certainly out as well. They will make sure that he never again rises to threaten them again. He has scared them too badly.

So, the real question is, how do you dislodge this same cancer that has taken over BOTH parties in equal amounts, and then steers them on the exact same course, no matter which choice you make?

  • Brett_McS

    Yes, the Federal Government is out of control and is adrift of its constitutional controls. So first thing is *not* to put up for President a man who is (1) the ultimate cronyist who doesn’t believe in any controls on executive power and (2) doesn’t know what the constitution even says, let alone believe in it. OK?

    No, you put up someone who believes in and fights for the constitution, despite that stand making him the most unpopular man with the Washington-as-usual crowd.

    Such a President will not fix things; he can never fix things. What he can do is slow down the extension of Federal power into every conceivable aspect of life so that real life – the civil society – can still prosper and grow, and gradually make obsolete the one-size-fits-all solutions that politics puts up as the answer to every issue (and every, politically created non-issue). Eventually, the civil society will create individualized, market solutions that replace political solutions the way FedEx replaces the Post Office. The political solutions won’t then go away automatically, but the pressure caused by economics will get people asking why they are paying twice for things – once for the government to do it (but fail), and a second time for the private sector to actually do it.

    That’s the long term solution to the problems caused by politics: make politics obsolete. But the road to that is to elect politicians that believe in the restriction of political solutions (ie the constitution), not in the extension of them.

    • It will be a long war to displace the entrenched political class.

      • Exile1981

        The problem as I see it is that even if a donald like president happens, they still control the government agencies and the congress and senate.

      • Jay Devvy

        Donald Trump is no better than them all. He is the same shit like Soros or Summers or Michael Bloomberg. And he is really friendly with Hillary Clinton And he will never do anything that may bring harm his business in the Middle East. And his business partners from odious Sharia countries never interrupt the business with him and forgive his rhetoric, because he can always articulate that he establishes no difference between blacks, Latinos and Muslims. And yet Pamela Geller, Robert Spence and Caroline Glick know him really considerably, and they do not cleave to the respectable judgement of him. And I believe them, but not Trump
        Only Jimmy Carter strongly praises him. And not without reason. Trump is a famed person in America. He has always actively supported the Democrats

  • Clink9

    There is not much difference between Washington and organized crime.

    • John

      Washington is like a giant whore house.

      It’s just that the favors being bought and sold are economic rather than sexual.

      • Alain

        Actually there have also been sexual favours along with the money.

        • John

          NO doubt. Washington probably has ten times more whores per capita than turn of the century Paris

    • Alain

      Beg to disagree. With organised crime if you pay for your protection, they leave you be. With government they keep increasing what you pay and will never leave you be, fully intent on intervening and interfering in every aspect of your personal life.

  • Blacksmith

    So, the real question is, how do you dislodge this same cancer
    that has taken over BOTH parties in equal amounts, and then steers them
    on the exact same course, no matter which choice you make?

    We do what our founders intended and reset the government through whatever means are necessary. It we cannot change it though the voting process, then we need to do it physically. I hope for the former but am prepared for whatever.

  • John

    George Soros and other crony capitalists have been rigging U.S. elections for decades. And many people, other than vocal leftists, have said for years that America is a de facto One Party State.

    No surprises there. It’s just that the threat posed by Donald Trump to ‘The Party’ has exposed this incestuous arrangement. Were Trump to win and go ahead with his immigration plans and his economic/employment policies ( the jugular), The Party will just assassinate him.

    American democracy was hallowed out from within years ago. Eisenhower’s warnings were spot on.

    We’re fucked.

    Sorry for the cynicism.

  • Jay Devvy

    I agree with you that the US elections have become like a farce. But, as I note that, you strongly idealize Donald Trump and not underestimate Ted Cruz. Yes I understand what you mean. Obviously, you were impressed his position, when he called to close a number of Islamic centers in America. But I would not have to rely on his sincerity. Well, apparently, Donald Trump does not realize the difference between Latinos and Muslims. More Trump clearly hurt Romney election campaign in 2012.In 2012 at that date he did not pin down which of Latinos he did not want to see as US citizens.I still have many reasons to suspect that Trump may consist conscious colluding with the Democrats… Pay more attention to what he promises to manage so, only afterwards, but not before he will win this race. And so he did not receive such a desire after the horrific terrorist attack September 11, 2001. His business partnership with odious Shariah countries still has not ended, despite the formidable rhetoric. He likewise did not hold the objection against the construction of the Islamic Center in Grand Zero.

    Ted Cruz has been Israel’s most outspoken ally. It can not be said about Trump.Here is one example of the impermanence of Trump’s positions:At an early stage of the presidential race Trump insisted that as president he would be the greatest thing that ever happened to Israel, and he promised to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, however, later, a month after this his announcement, he told Jewish Republicans that he would not recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and blamed Israel for the absence of peace with the Palestinians.Talking about the Iranian deal Trump also can adhere to two mutually exclusive directions and make two mutually exclusive promises,depending on his mood and the mood and feeling of humor of the crowd to listen to him . On the one hand, he condemns this deal, on the other hand, he pronounces that it should not be canceled. .. Those. Trump has not expressed clear positions regarding Israel and the Iranian deal .All it could never be said about Cruz.Then, unlike Cruz and Rubio Trump has no clear plans of action in the Middle East .He generates a lot of enticing promises without providing a clear election program .. And he made one stupid promise to befriend Putin at the expense of Ukraine .Ted Cruz has been the most outspoken critic of Obama’s nuclear and financial capitulation to Iran and his betrayal of America’s Sunni allies(unlike Donald Trump).Cruz has used all the power of his office as a senator to fight the Obama administration’s radical policies.I still have many reasons to suspect that Trump may consist conscious colluding with the Democrats

    And he does not look a man who wants to win this election campaign .If he wanted to win this race without disturbing anyone, he safely could go as an independent candidate, and would have all the chances to win, because he has been aware that the most Americans were disenchanted with both the ruling political parties of the USA due to objective grounds and for a long time . However, at times, it seems as if he performs a spoof of the Republicans, recognizing that it infuriates Republicans during elections and pushes them to commit blunders. . Now he knocks the Republican candidates, like ninepins and diverts attention away from Hillary Clinton…