The Democrat and Republican Parties Are Simply A Single Monster With Two Heads


This is interesting, if not unexpected. I mean really, they are not even trying to hide it anymore.

Why? Because the whole damn thing is rigged. It’s a crooked game. We should have seen it coming, but we wanted so badly to believe otherwise. I’m sure it’s much like finding out that your best friend is sleeping with your spouse. Sure there were signs, but the truth was just too horrible to admit, and so we pretended we saw nothing.

As I have been suspecting this past month, and slowly realizing this past week, we here in America have been suckered into playing a rigged carnival game disguised as federal elections that I estimate have been little more than an ongoing hoax for about the last 36 years, or maybe even longer. The rot began well before then, but only metastasized sometime in the 1980’s, as near as I can tell, but it might have even been underway twenty-years prior to that too. It’s just so hard to tell.

Special interest and big-money donors have so thoroughly bought and corrupted both sides of the aisle, that a vote for either party is more or less the same outcome. Can anybody REALLY argue that a vote for McCain over Obama in 2008 would have given us any measurable difference in government other than the wording of some speeches? Same thing with Romney in 2012. Would it really have looked appreciably different than a second Obama term? Maybe there would be no BLM movement, but beyond that, the differences would have been pretty damn subtle. Either side would have still been hell-bent on the course of population replacement, and we would still be exporting jobs to third-world countries at breakneck speeds while importing additional third-worlders in an effort to keep wages as low as possible within our borders. The deficit would continue to rise due to the Federal government buying votes from a welfare dependent class, with ever more worthless cash that is milked from an ever-shrinking pool of taxpayers. Ted Cruz will be kept in the game long enough to derail Trump, and then he will be cast overboard. He’s just not the ‘right kind of man’, at this time. If Donald Trump gets to the convention with anything less than 1,237 delegates (and likely a healthy additional reserve to head off any unforeseen shenanigans) then he’s certainly out as well. They will make sure that he never again rises to threaten them again. He has scared them too badly.

So, the real question is, how do you dislodge this same cancer that has taken over BOTH parties in equal amounts, and then steers them on the exact same course, no matter which choice you make?