State Department Halts Clinton Email Investigation Due to Request From FBI

The State Department’s decision comes on the heels of reports that the FBI investigation has progressed to the interview stage. The Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that federal prosecutors are preparing to interview Clinton’s top aides.

Four of Clinton’s closest advisers are being represented by the same attorney, Beth Wilkinson, Politico reported on Friday, a strategy that indicates they all plan to tell the same story to investigators.

She will not be charged.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Let’s see if that computer guy who received immunity suddenly commits suicide.
    Then that would be a true Clintonesque way to finish the scandal.

    • tom_billesley

      Like WMD dossier scientist Dr. David Kelly?

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Or Vince Foster

      • Gary

        There was also the young man linked to the 2008 melt down for the banks that ” fell ” from his balcony even with a 4 foot high railing on the 28 floor for safety .

    • A proper finish.

      • john700

        She won’t be charged, there is no need for that. All that the FBI has to do is to say that they found something bad. DOJ won’t charge, but she will be damaged goods. Sanders will be the nominee and he will win the general election. Obama’s legacy guaranteed.

        • FivePointSpurgeon

          You actually think it matters to the left if she’s charged or arrested??

    • He accidentally cut off his head while shaving.

  • tom_billesley

    Justice delayed …

  • Ron MacDonald

    I worked in military communications as an operator/maintainer for twenty-two years, there is no forgiveness when it comes to security violations. She will be charged and, if found guilty, punished severely.

    • Xavier

      The Queen does not abide by these silly rules! 😉

      • Ron MacDonald

        She’s in for a rude awakening.

        • I hope you are right.

          • Ron MacDonald

            There’s more to this than e-mail messages, Hillary also kept her server in a bathroom in her home.

            In simple terms the electrical wiring in a secure communications space is double-shielded, electricity leaving a secure communications space is run through a bank of isolation transformers to ensure there is no decrypted traffic riding on the current. Cables carrying traffic in a secure communications space is also double shielded. All communications equipment is tempest cleared to ensure there are no spurious emissions emanating from it. I doubt Hillary’s server was tempest cleared and the wiring in her house was probably Romex.

            One of my instructors for a Communications Security course I was on told us of an incident where the government department responsible for checking a communications center for tempest hazard were shocked to find the place radiating like an antenna.

            The investigation discovered that one of the individuals working there had a car that wouldn’t start in cold weather so he ran an unshielded extension cord from the building, across a lawn and through a chain link fence. The extension cord was covered by snow, so one saw it, but it picked up spurious emissions, and the chain link fence acted as an antenna.

            Equipment exists that can copy from a good distance in real time everything that is being typed in an unsecured building. For example, the keys on a laptop are switches, when you type the letter ‘R’ a signal is sent to the processor and an ‘R’ is produced. When the signal is encrypted the signal is sent to the processor and then to encryption software to produce a random character. This equipment can read the signal to the processor prior to it being encrypted. That is why precautions are taken to ensure no spurious emissions are leaving the building.

          • Wow.

          • Ron MacDonald

            The network that carries military and State Department message traffic is isolated from the Internet for good reason. Several years ago a Chinese company wanted to purchase the company that provides the network for Canadian military and External Affairs message traffic, but the Harper government wouldn’t approve the sale. The Trudeau Liberals have approved the sale. What could go wrong?

          • Minicapt

            Depends on what the Director of Science and Technology Intelligence said. Generally, neither the Cabinet nor the PMO make those decisions.


      • Minicapt

        Actually, the Queen does … rather assiduously.


    • mauser 98

      Hill never loses a coin toss

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The fix may be in at the Justice Department, but too much has already been revealed for the dirt to be swept under the rug.

  • Xavier

    The FBI is threatening mass resignations if she’s not indicted. Who’s that going to hurt? The FBI and the USA, but not Hillary.

    • If she is indicted or, if mass FBI resignations happen, she will not look good going into the election.

      Anyway you spin it, she looks bad.

      • Xavier

        It looks bad to you and I. To the liberals, “she might be a corrupt politician, but she’s our corrupt politician”. She could eat live babies on television and they’d still vote for her.

        • Brett_McS

          She could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue …

    • V10_Rob

      It’s going to have to be a big enough resignation that the media cannot ignore. Aside from maybe the director, virtually every American doesn’t know who these people are. A dozen high-ranking nobodies quitting will maybe get a mention, on page 40 of the papers or on the scrolling ticker of CNN.

      Now, if the entire Bureau walked off the job…

      • Xavier

        It still wouldn’t affect Hillary or the election. It would place the US at greater risk because the FBI seems to be the only agency trying to prevent terrorism.

        • V10_Rob

          An entire federal law enforcement agency calls in sick because they’ve been told the law does not apply to the aristocracy. Explain that away.

          Not that I have much hope that enough G Men will have the integrity and stones to make a stand. Too many mortgage and alimony payments to make, can’t afford to step out of line…

  • Xavier

    I’m not arguing but you folks have a lot more faith in the US justice system than I do.

  • simus1

    Hitlery still has the ill health and double agent “Get out of jail, collect 2 mil.” cards available if needed.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    I think the fix is in for Hitlery. No charges, this will all go away and she’ll be POTUS (oh, dear, threw up a bit in my mouth again.) 🙁

  • moraywatson

    The corruption is rife. Our institutions are rotting. We have no compass.

    • mauser 98

      Wynne / OPP investigation at least 3 years of theatre

  • mauser 98

    ….whew!!… this from comment section
    It was clearly proven that the Benghazi attack was entirely
    preventable – Ambassador Chris Stevens and others never should have died
    or been injured at all.
    • That a January 2009 classified
    information non-disclosure agreement signed by Clinton says she
    understood that classified information could be marked and unmarked, as
    well as verbal communications. Classification is based on content, not
    • That she sent and received over 2,000 classified
    documents – including at least 30 that were top secret and several the
    very highest classification “Special Access Program” or SAP – all on her
    unsecured private server. Such documents should have been behind
    hardware firewalls of the strongest sort. And of course, that she lied
    many times claiming she’d never sent or received any classified
    documents. Each and EVERY one of those emails is a FELONY. 2,000+
    Felonies, right there.
    • That she in fact ordered her staff to
    send classified documents to her private server even when they warned
    her it was classified material. FELONY.
    • That she ordered her staff to strip the classified markings off some of the documents, which is a FELONY.

    That she unquestionably knew classified documents were going over
    her unsecured system – and didn’t care. See article titled: Email Shows Hillary Clinton Knew Classified Material Was On Her Server

    • That Hillary doesn’t care about national security and law, but is
    far more concerned with covering up her actions, thus proving her
    judgement is so reprehensible she ought not be allowed to hold any
    public office or position of power in the government.
    • It’s
    proven beyond doubt that Hillary lied to the every citizen of this
    nation and the world about the cause of the attack.
    • It’s proven
    that she misused taxpayer funds to create advertisements played in the
    Middle East falsely blaming the video too – again, based on nothing more
    than an attempted coverup and election year politics.
    • It’s
    been proven that Hillary boosted security in Benghazi — for the Libyan
    PM. But she claims she wasn’t even aware of 600 requests from our own
    people, Chris Stevens, etc. to increase THEIR security – and all of
    those requests were denied.
    • It’s proven that there were over
    600 pieces of correspondence from Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff
    BEGGING for increased security, all of which Hillary and/or her staff
    refused, even though there had been escalating attacks on the staff and
    facilities in the six months leading up to the incident.
    • It’s
    proven that Hillary perjured herself when she signed under penalty of
    perjury that she had turned over all the work related emails.
    • That she lied about her interaction with Sidney Blumenthal and his significance to her foreign policy actions.

    That she violated the Espionage Act (FELONY) with her mishandling
    of classified documents – both sending and receiving classified
    documents including a few that were top secret and many that were “born
    classified” that anyone even close to her level would have known were
    classified based on the category of information.
    • That every
    single one of those 1,600 emails were given to a vendor to maintain her
    server – and the vendor didn’t have security clearance either = 1,600
    more FELONIES.
    • That she also gave all of those emails to her
    lawyer, who again, does not have security clearance to have them.
    Again, EACH email passed to him, all 1,600+ = FELONIES.
    • That she had the emails EDITED (illegal) before she turned them over to try to help cover up her scandal.

    • Woopsie! Turns out (see article titled:) Hillary Warned in 2011 of Repeated Attempts to Breach State Officials’ Personal Email Accounts Memo to Clinton from State’s top diplomatic security official warned of malicious ‘phishing’ attacks
    and other articles have documented that she didn’t even have anything
    close to current basic encryption or security measures on her server.
    • That she violated the Freedom of Information Act dozens of times. More illegal acts – thousands and thousands actually.

    That Clinton apparently failed to take a legally-required training
    course on how to identify classified information — and NONE of her
    staff who were responsible for classifying documents and were also
    legally required to take the course had taken the course.

    That she lied about the State Dept. supposedly asking ALL former Sect.
    of State for personal emails when they asked for hers.
    • That she
    failed to sign a required – by law – waiver to allow a diplomatic
    facility to remain open when it didn’t even begin to meet minimum
    security requirements – and that’s a duty that the Sect. of State CANNOT
    delegate (again, by law).
    • That she also failed to sign a
    required form on leaving office which states that she had turned over
    all emails and documents.
    • That her staff used her server to send classified information to the Clinton Foundation.
    • Woopsie!! Turns out (see article): Clinton Signed NonDisclosure Agreement (NDA) Laying Out Criminal Penalties for Mishandling of Classified Info Dem presidential candidate and top aides signed NDAs warning against ‘negligent handling’ of classified information

    That she tied her work as Sect of State and related decisions to
    the Clinton Foundation too. Hillary “Quid Pro Dough” Clinton.

    That she told her daughter the Benghazi attack was occurring and was a
    pre-planned attack by terrorists within an HOUR of it starting.

    That she similarly told the presidents of both Libya and Egypt the
    same the next day, all while telling the American public it was due to a
    video and spontaneous protest.

    • That she went HOME that evening as the attack was continuing, and didn’t talk to the top dogs dealing with it.

    That she claims didn’t talk to her “good friend” Chris Stevens even
    ONCE after he was appointed Ambassador even though he was in the
    riskiest Ambassador posting we had and all other nations had pulled
    theirs out.
    • That her “good friend” Chris Stevens also supposedly didn’t even have her email address. But Ben Affleck did.

    Whoopsie! Turns out she perjured herself yet again – Chris Stevens
    DID email her from Libya and she responded to him, more than once. The
    emails show some correspondence from slain Ambassador to Libya
    Christopher Stevens reaching Clinton and she responded to him directly
    • That she claims to be unaware of any of his requests for
    increased security, again, even though that was about the highest risk
    nation we had an Ambassador in, and the facility there was NOT anywhere
    close to meeting minimum security requirements.

    • moraywatson

      All of this is known. And none of it matters to those who hold the reins. Does it?!

      • mauser 98

        yes.. does not matter to Hill voters

  • mauser 98


    “To Whom It May Concern:
    Someone should be looking into the likely Republican nominee for
    governor. John Kasich is another one of the those “pro-family”
    Republicans who is gay. He’s voted against gay marriage and gay adoption
    but is well known to be a homosexual and to surround himself with
    equally hypocritical gays.”

    “While in Congress Kasich lived with his chief of staff, Don Thibaut (gay), in Washington DC for 14 years.”

    • Minicapt

      Meh … get some info on Barack the Bathhouse Boy. Or how DonJohn was famous for swinging both ways at Studio 54.


      • mauser 98 first
        where is info on Trump?…meh
        listened to him for years on Stern… he is not in a closet… Miss America etc??
        as for Bath House Barry , the whole world knows

    • Alain

      If true, I fail to see the problem. It sounds like he didn’t support the radical homosexual agenda, and I seriously doubt that all homosexuals do.

      • mauser 98

        nowadays you have to scream it… shove it in every ones face.
        many voters will not want another poofta in the White House

  • Gary

    The DOJ’s Lynch-mob Lynch will wait for the order from Obama, since Obama is tied to Benghazi with his Mhammad video lie he will watch to see for any links to him and then people will be killed off .