One year on, Kenya remembers slaughter of Christians by Muslims at Garissa

It’s an eerie feeling walking here on the grounds of Garissa University, where more than 140 people were killed one year ago.

The Mount Elgon dormitory, which was attacked by al-Shabab militants, now lies deserted. There’s a deafening silence in the hallways – the bullet holes are still visible in shattered window glass, frames and doors. You could hear a pin drop here.

Past the courtyard, where more than 80 lifeless bodies of students lay on the floor after the gunmen had hit, up a flight of stairs, there’s a room on the highest floor that has been nailed shut. Peeping through the window, one can clearly see blood stains on the floor in the shape of a human body.

Efforts to get the blood removed haven’t been successful, a staff member of the university said.

  • H

    A couple of Muslims are quoted as saying that they were fortunate not to have attended school that day. Don’t they get it? They would have survived: the attack was specifically about Muslims killing Christians, not randomly gunning down anyone there. They do get it, of course, but won’t admit it.

    I wonder what percentage of the new students starting to come to the university are Muslim and what percentage are Christian. The Muslims are safe; the Christians are not.

    • Good point.

    • Gary

      The Kenyan Mall slaughter showed how those muslims had a loyalty to allah and when given the chance to leave by the muslim terrorists after a Religious Test ( Obama hates those ) for quranic verses by memory.

      I was shocked when I watched the Munk Debate last Night where Mark Styne made a valid point about flooding the West with unscreened Migrants here Louis Arbour’s response was to mock and find humour in the gang-rapes to a 3 year of child and other teen girls, this was a cheat attempt to allege islamophobia and claim we need to take in more muslims.
      This was an Ex-SCOC Judge and i now question how she could think she wasn’t bias to rule on Laws that affected my life when it looks like she can find humour in paedophilia.
      It was Judges that had once Rule to expand Slavery to all the States in the Union because it’s 1859 and that would be fair a Just.

      Time to do a mental assessment for our Judges because CMHA had a Doctor that told the media that they will petition Wynne’s Liberals to make Padophilia a Mental Illness protected by the Charter Of Rights as a Disability . This would only make paedophilia a crime once a child is harmed and not for expressing a sexual preference for the Adult2Child romance.
      I fear that Wynne will bail out Ben Levin and Brent Hawkes to make it a SCOC ruling where those like Arbour WILL side with paedophilies which will also appease the devout followers of islam that support their prophets paedophilia when he was 54 and his sex with is wife was when she was just 9 ..

  • Wait – someone remembers Christians being killed?

  • simus1

    Hundreds of able bodied young Christian men attending a college in what was effectively a muslim terrorist war zone and no one had the wit to organize them into an auxiliary armed security force capable of protecting their fellow students and staff?
    That is really industrial strength incompetence.