One year on, Kenya remembers slaughter of Christians by Muslims at Garissa

It’s an eerie feeling walking here on the grounds of Garissa University, where more than 140 people were killed one year ago.

The Mount Elgon dormitory, which was attacked by al-Shabab militants, now lies deserted. There’s a deafening silence in the hallways – the bullet holes are still visible in shattered window glass, frames and doors. You could hear a pin drop here.

Past the courtyard, where more than 80 lifeless bodies of students lay on the floor after the gunmen had hit, up a flight of stairs, there’s a room on the highest floor that has been nailed shut. Peeping through the window, one can clearly see blood stains on the floor in the shape of a human body.

Efforts to get the blood removed haven’t been successful, a staff member of the university said.