Hundreds of illegal alien Invaders dash for ferries after breaking out of Greek island camp

CLASHES broke out on a Greek island after hundreds of migrants chanting “freedom” broke free of their camp and rampaged through the streets.

The small island of Chios is home to thousands of migrants being housed in a holding centre, trying to get to Western Europe.

A looming Turkey-EU deal which would see them either deported back to Turkey or held at detention centres sparked the mass exodus from the camp.

  • Minicapt

    A couple rounds of canister would calm things down. Also “recce by fire”.


  • Liberal Progressive

    “Illegal Aliens”? How offensive! I no longer feel safe and need to go to my safe room.

    They are “undocumented” refugees and don’t you forget it!

  • ed

    the koranic command is ” hijra ” migration jihad .it1s that simple