Canadian police: ‘Unnecessary’ social media posts may be illegal


The tweet largely went unnoticed in Canada until picked up very recently by Ezra Levant and Lauren Southern at TheRebel.Media.

The THINK acronym must be catching on at the international level with quasi-authoritarian police forces, since the Glasgow, Scotland police force sent out the same message via its Twitter account yesterday.

Of course, the only letter that should be of relevance is “I” for illegal.

And what is illegal is for the police force anywhere in Canada to intentionally or negligently misrepresent the state of the law to the public.  That is exactly what the OPP did with this poster that was sent out via the force’s official Twitter feed, which attached a professionally made poster that includes the official OPP logo.  It’s a classic case of bringing the administration of justice into disrepute if there ever was one.                        h/t