A level of stupidity from the professional protesters at the black lives matter toxic wast dump at police HQ that you cannot buy …

In Their own words

  • mobuyus

    Can they not find some black people to attend their blm protests or is being black now a state of mind?

    • Surele Surele


      • ntt1

        yes being black has now been cheapened into a tawdry tax avoidance scam, after all if a guy.who still pees standing up , is accepted as a woman then we can all be black whenever it suits us. it’s just a social construct anyways.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Like every woman needs a “little black dress”.

    • Gary

      The blacks don’t wake up until 4 pm at the party hour to do pot , it’s the superior white’s that are up around noon.
      But these dolts were 1 gay guy and a Feminists with Pro-hamas scarf plus a gay security person with a 2 digit IQ , then the token Brown muslim women in a hijab.

      The BLM is a racist jew-hating group linked to the pro-hamas mosques in canada and the CAIR linked Muslims Brotherhood.
      This is why Chief Sanders defended that black jew-hating muslim terrorist doing jihad for allah to kill the infidels with a knife. Sanders still sees hi self as a victim just like Obama when he harps about racism in the USA to suppress blacks.
      That HQ is where islam is the only faith allowed to hold a service inside for the muslim Officers during ramadan . Muslims are now so feared over the terrorism jihad like in Fort Hood that even the TPSD and Chief have gone down on muhammad 5 times a day in hope that the HQ isn’t bombed .

      I knew that the Yonge Steet riot in 1992 by fauderless caribbean yutes from welfare owsing over 400 years of slavery was a ruse
      to cover up the cultural failures with no work ethic to be self reliant .
      How ironic that even after Whitey appoints a jamaican background Black Chief , which Barbara Hall saw as the answer in the future for peace , we still see Black malcontent’s while Toronto is almost a majority non-white population.

      Oddly though , 25 years ago I predicted that Toronto would slowly morph into a Detroit or Chicago because of the elite Whites ignoring the homicides to blacks while throwing more and more money at minorities to self segregate and stay out of their White areas.
      The $4 billion debt keep growing as does to 300,000+ illegals that NDP supports .

      On Friday , Liberalism came back to bite Wynne on a the butt when Blacks came to her home to pitch a tent for the BLM protest.
      Funny though, she called the Police to kick them off her lawn but when we do we are racists.
      They have produced lazy brats and Wards Of The State with grandchildren on welfare in the same housing unit that now want more FREE stuff and cry racism one more time .

      • lolwut?

        I remember the Yonge street riot, I was inside The Big Slice during that.

        For some reason no rioters came it or did anything major, must have been the baseball bat the owner was wielding and butcher knifes everyone else was holding.

  • Again, why not air-lift these guys to North Korea?

  • Waffle

    Gorgeous cat. How fast can he keyboard?

  • Gary

    Desmond Cole is much like the black punks I saw coming into the workplace by the NDP’s Diversity Quotas where these guys didn’t want jobs , they were angry because they had no father and were raised by a moron that produced a moron son that wants to party to 5:00 am and have baby mama’s .

    The well educated hard working blacks resented these punks and got tried of hearing about racist cops and racist co-workers , this while there was work to do and they weren’t at some NDP rally with victim envy .
    The successful Blacks at work were seen as sell-outs top whitey , but I now see why Black businesses didn’t even want to hire them as the lazy malcontent’s among carribean community .

    • Justin St.Denis

      I am of the opinion that caribbean culture is incompatible with a capitalist meritocracy.

  • Wayne Petersen

    This is the result of too much mary jane. That guy was stoned out of his gourd.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I don’t get stoned.
      Fucks me up for days.
      So, I can’t tell if the fag was stoned or the other fag was stoned.
      Either way, they both deserve a boot to the head.

  • Justin St.Denis

    It’s been lovely chatting with you. Let’s not do it ever again.

  • Mal

    Buddy there ticks a lot of the boxes, doesn’t he?
    Hip shades: Check!
    High-end headphones: Check!
    Recommended daily amount of facial scruff: Check!
    Lofty manner & vacuous argument: Double Check!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I so want to punch that freak in the face.

      • Mal

        A face and manner aching for a fist, DDTTR.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Dear G-d
    Thank You for making Canerduh’s climate unsuitable for growing cotton.