Why Do Europe’s Muslims Hate The West?

Occidentophobia: Europe’s Muslims despise the West and its culture, surveys show. The only thing surprising is that European governments continue to invite hundreds of thousands more of them to make Europe their home.

Recent terrorist attacks on Paris, Belgium and Britain, and a wave of brutal sexual assaults in at least six countries, raise a logical question: Why do members of the “religion of peace” so despise the place that has embraced them, allowed them cultural and religious freedom, given them welfare and even tolerated the growing violence in their communities?

  • Dana Garcia

    How odd this question is still being asked.

    It’s Muslims’ job to hate everyone not in the tribe and force them to submit or die. The Koran commands it.

  • Alain

    Only liars and stupid beyond repair would pose such a question.

  • Canadian

    Because this is how they are.
    And because we let them be what they are.

  • roccolore

    They don’t hate the West enough to refuse welfare benefits.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Biting the hand that feeds them is a distinctly Muslim trait. There is a certain lack of rational thinking ability in this trait (where to they think all these goodies are going to come from, after they have destroyed Western civilization and the economies and political systems that keep it going?) They are rather like the Marxist revolutionaries in the old joke who ask, “After we overthrow the government, who’s going to sign our unemployment checks?” except they don’t even have that level of insight.