White Houses censors French President Hollande’s saying ‘Islamic Terrorism’

The Obama Administration is adopting the practices of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. Inconvenient facts are consigned to the memory hole. We have always been at war with Eurasia. Islam is a religion of peace. No one would even dare suggest otherwise, even indirectly. What? The French President referred to “Islamist terrorism”? No, he didn’t. Not anymore.

Twitter “ISLAMIST Terrorism”

  • ontario john

    Just like the Toronto Islamic Star won’t allow the word ISIS in its paper. It only uses the generic Daesh.

  • Ron MacDonald
  • Shebel

    Muslims -like to go on about how they WANT to die for the glory of their perverted Prophet. No problem.
    Non -Muslims — don’t yearn for death but we WILL DIE– to stop YOU.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Obama is a Muslim and Hitlery is in the Arabs’ pockets. G-d help America.

    • Kell

      He will when America gets back TO God! Till then, it going to suck to be us…

  • Kell

    …and this somehow really surprises anyone, how? 1984 by Orwell defines the last almost 8 years in western civilizations, (50 years, actually) yet still, here we are, being bullshitted by people who KNOW their full of shit up to their eyes while trying to convince us otherwise!
    Double-speak: the ability to hold two or more contrary and opposing ideas in ones head, believing them all to be true, and changing between them to suit a present discrepancy or issue! Paraphrased, but close enough for me to have known their full of shit since reading Orwell and Rand in the 70’s…sorry, folks, the curtain is coming down on your parade!
    Payback is a medi-vac! as we used to say in the army…