What African Americans lost by aligning with the Democratic Party

Days before the 1960 election, Coretta Scott King received a call from then-candidate John F. Kennedy while her husband was in a Georgia jail, charged with trespassing after leading a sit-in demonstration against segregation in Atlanta. “This must be pretty hard on you, and I want to let you both know that I’m thinking about you and will do all I can to help,” Kennedy told her. The Democratic nominee’s brother and campaign manager, Robert Kennedy, called a DeKalb County Judge and successfully lobbied for Martin Luther King Jr.’s release.

  • Dana Garcia

    Arguably, the biggest screw job against blacks has been Democrats’ open border policy that has brought in millions of illegal aliens who will work cheaper. Whole categories of blue collar jobs have been taken over by Mexicans etc.

    Republican elites are bad also, but recent remarks of Hillary and Bernie about free Obamacare show how far they have gone from protecting Americans.

    • Blacks are losing again, but they don’t seem to want to give up the Democrat’s plantation.

      • Alain

        Were they not so totally ignorant of their own history, especially factual American history, they would know which side was the supporter of racism.

      • Dana Garcia

        I have hopes that some of the fog may lift after Obama. Blacks have been ill-served by their extreme loyalty to him where nothing is expected. Obama has very attentive to illegal aliens though.