PM Useful Idiot Sucks Up To Saudis: Ottawa’s human rights report on Saudi Arabia to be ‘sanitized’ for public

Ottawa’s human rights report on Saudi Arabia to be ‘sanitized’ for public

A new assessment of the state of human rights in Saudi Arabia drawn up by the Canadian government will be heavily censored before it is released to the public to remove, among other things, information that could damage Canada-Saudi relations, a veteran public-interest researcher says.

Ken Rubin says he’s found evidence that the unclassified version will be missing large chunks of what Ottawa thinks about the Saudis. “The public is getting a sanitized version of the Saudi human rights record.”


Let’s see,  Iran, now the Saudis, seems Junior is imitating soul mate Barry, there isn’t a Muslim terror state he won’t blow.

Saudi Arabia Uncovered

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    Because it’s 1016!

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      More like April Fool’s joke. Laughing my head off 😉

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    “Pro-Israel group barred from university’s ‘Social Justice Fair”

    I’m sure the soddies would approve of this group of asswipes at UOIT in Oshawa.

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    The CBC will have their investigative reporters on this right away !
    Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha Ha. !! I’m here all week. Try the veal.

    • Yea, I’m sure it’ll be in depth.

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        Is the pope jewish ?

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    Ah, the sent of all that money that just keeps flowing to them. How much went into getting the Liberals elected along with big funding and aid from radical American leftists like Soros?