Live Stream of The Munk Debate Featuring Mark Steyn & Nigel Farage Against The Forces Of Liberal-Left Evil

Steyn and Farage go up against a couple “Globalist” pantywaists – Louise Arbour and Simon Schama, just drop the last a.

Steyn & Farage Munk DebateBe it resolved, give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free… It is the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. Over 300,000 dead in Syria. One and a half million injured or disabled. Four and a half million people fleeing the country as refugees. And Syria is just one of a growing number of failed or failing states in the Middle East and North Africa. How should developed nations respond to human suffering on this mass scale? Do the prosperous societies of the West, including Canada and the U.S., have a moral imperative to assist as many refugees as they reasonably and responsibly can? Or, is this a time for vigilance and restraint in the face a wave of mass migration that risks upending Western nations’ openness, tolerance and ultimately their very way of life?

  • SDMatt

    I skipped past most parts primarily looking for what Steyn had to say, but I did hear a few bits from the others.

    Schama’s like cross between Liberace and Charles Nelson Reilly.

    I have to say that I’m disappointed that when presented with the opportunity to say “hell yes there’s something inherently evil in Islam” both Steyn and Farage backed away. Steyn however was excellent slamming Schama making light of the rape of European women.

    Arbour made some incredibly stupid snarky comment about Toronto being safe despite the presence of multi-lingual signs. I didn’t expect much from her and she delivered.

    • She was pathetic, a hollow cliche a minute ramble.

      • Gary

        Plus, her near god status doesn’t work on me because since she loves to go back in time for misleading examples on human rights …….. it was Judges like her that voted to expand Slavery to all the 13 States in the new union because that was fair in the mind of a Liberal , Judges also denied voting rights to women and they stayed quiet when Unions banned Blacks and women which Sid Ryan refuses to talk about.
        Arbour love to take Todays’ Rights and project them back in time to prove oppression , but 60 years from now SHE will be seen as the oppressor when a new group get Rights that she doesn’t care about today .
        It’s nice of her to take the risks with other people’s daughter when it comes to rape-gangs attacking little girls and teen girls.
        Her kind of Liberal covered up the rape gangs in the UK as well as the police while 1400 girls were raped as sex slaves.

        We’re screwed if Justin keeps his promise to bring in another 175,000 muslims refugees. Arbour LIED that we got refugees from the UN camps in Jordan because almost 23,000 had fled that area over 2 years ago and lived in Lebanon and Turkey with a refugee status.
        White Liberal don’t have to live among non-white minorities which was why Rob Ford was so hated because they feared they would have to touch Black people or talk to the unwashed peons that are only good for they Vote or a Photo-OP pre-election .

        • She spoke as if reading a speech at a UN function, she is used to the echo chamber.

      • Alain

        She has always been that way.

        • Gary

          Mark Styne stood up to give his opinions while Louis would often sit and read some scripted BS .
          She also LIED about the global refugees because I read a UN report that the number is not 2 million buy 40,000,000 and most were muslims .

          She doesn’t get it , they haven’t rejected the quran or armed jihad . They devout muslims caught between the fighting muslims and will end up bring their shariah and jew-hatred to Canada .

          When a SCOC Judge has to resort to lies to defend their position , I think it is time to have a Mental Health test for the SCOC Judges.

    • pdxnag

      We must be able to say that the sea of Muslims is evil. They are fed a steady diet of hate from the core texts of Islam toward all things non-Muslim, and enough follow the commands to stain the whole lot of them.

    • Gary

      i was shocked that as a ex-SCOC Judge found humour at pedophilia and two young girls gang-raped . The crowd clapped for her and laugh at the mocking rape. What a sick bastard and faux feminist from her wealthy White neighbourhood that has English only street signs because Liberals throw money at immigrants and buy Community centre so the Hicks, Spicks , Chinks, paki’s nigg**s, wops, polocks , jews , and unwashed ignorant peons will stay the hell of their neighbourhood.

      Mark was dead serious about gang-rapes by migrants and the leftist liberals resorted to the racism and islamophobia card when they were losing the debate.
      Arbour must have forgotten the muslm terrorists that wanted to use truck bombs to slaughter 5000+ people in Toronto or the Terror threat to the TTC after the Madrid slaughter by muslims .
      It’s the poor and immigrants that would die because Toronto is becoming a non-white city and a majority non-canadian whiel Arbour’s children are safe in a white Area among the rich liberals like Justin and Bob Rae .

      The 9/11 attack slaughtered people from over 65 different past nationalities to send a message by those muslims that nobody is safe no matter where you flee to.
      Sadly , that crowd reacted exactly like what you would see on the CBC or Bill Maher.
      I would have brought a small bucket and pretend that the fish are in there for when the trained seals in the crowd bark and clap on cue because they have no thoughts of their own and were raised on the CBC. .

  • Waffle

    I’m still processing, but am utterly depressed. First of all, Rudyard was anything but neutral and objective. Anyone notice how he practically spat out the word “conservative” when he introduced Steyn?

    Arbour, of course, was ever the sly, weaily bitch that she is. Was I surprised when she dragged in the canard of how security checking would destroy our open society? Well no, that was to be expected. Schama went over the top with his out-of-context historial quotes, but he lost me years ago with his revisionist history of the Jews. But again, no surprises — his ancestors spent centuries living as dhimmis under Muslim rule in Spain, so it must have had some effect on his DNA.

    May comment again after I’ve had a chance to review certain parts.

  • Ed

    Moderator was so lame…

  • mobuyus

    So in the face of routine islamic barbarity according to this popinjay we are to put our trust and security in “naive humanistic optimism”. Him and that old scold should just fuck off.

    • Schama can argue nonsense with great passion I’ll give him that.

  • Waffle

    McLuhan said that we go hurtling into the future while staring into a rear-view mirror (something like that). Well that’s what Arbour did in her summation — evoking selected memories of a selected past. Unfortunately Steyn did nothing in his severely limited time to disabuse anyone of her false narrative.

    I am constantly surprised that the effect of 800 years of Muslim occupation in Spain is not discussed in the public forum. But then, we don’t study history anymore, do we?

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but from the rather weak response from the audience on closing, I think they swallowed Arbour’s KoolAde.

  • john700

    Someone should have asked: “If we bring in millions of Muslims, do you think life here will be better or worse in 20 years ?”

    • Arbour and Schama both implied that disagreement with their views meant you were a white supremacist and or responsible for ISIS and that you were anti-feminist.

      • john700

        badges of honor, IMHO

  • simus1

    It could have been more riveting minus the shabby leftists, but with Toronto rules in effect that was not possible.

    • It was downtown Toronto at its finest. Disgusting.

  • Ego

    I listened to all of it, and haven’t heard two statements that should have been made.

    (1) About devout Muslims who can be at the same time loyal citizens of a democracy (as stated by Simon Shama):
    If Mr Shama has a working knowledge of the Koran and the Sunna, he should know that his statement is false. A devout Muslim lives by the Koran and Mohammed’s Sunna which is all about submitting or killing unbelievers, and prays five times a day for Allah to punish them. A devout Muslim’s wish and goal is to see sharia law instituted. Peaceful coexistence with unbelievers or befriending them is forbidden in Islam. Freedom of speech is another notion lacking in Islam. In fact, the entire Western way of life is haram, wrong, in Islam.
    So no, a devout Muslim can NOT be a loyal citizen of a democracy.

    (2) About the ‘over-securitization’ of the refugee issue and the shrugging off of a few million migrants in a population of hundreds of millions in the EU, the US, etc. (as stated by Louise Arbour):
    In hospitals, disinfection is key. Not because all microorganisms or even a majority of them are harmful, but because the very small part that are will kill you and multiply ferociously. Even a small number of fanatics (read: devout Muslims) bent on taking over your country will function much like an epidemic: their numbers and influence will spread fast, especially in an environment that, instead of countering the danger, welcomes them and provides a fertile breeding ground (e.g. Molenbeek, NoGo zones ,etc.).
    So YES, even a very small number of death cult fanatics can ultimately kill a culture if allowed to spread unchecked.

    • Schama is a product of Cambridge and the BBC, he knows a nice Kurdish newspaper vendor so that means all is well.

      The “I know a nice Muslim” argument was the height of his prowess last night.

      • Ego

        The fact that he is a historian is an aggravating circumstance.

  • Peter Buch

    Did the voters change opinion on the way out, compared to the first survey?

  • Chatillon

    This was a master’s class in the “progressive” techniques of ridicule and ad hominem. Schama’s attempt to mock Steyn and Farage for their supposed sexual hang-ups at the outset was simply and shockingly disgraceful. Arbour was close behind in this race to the bottom by mocking Steyn and Farage both as “new feminists” merely for daring to condemn the troubling rise of sex crimes in Europe overwhelmingly due, as was later acknowledged, to Muslim immigrants. Is it some kind of cultural appropriation for a non-feminist male to be concerned over the tidal wave of crime afflicting innocent girls and women? If so, where are the feminist voices raised in outrage against the growing presence of the Muslim rape culture?

    It was also interesting the Schama accused Steyn of fulminating against Muslims in the first place, when Steyn had cannily not even mentioned Muslims or Islam in his opening position. He only had to describe the various criminal behaviors of Muslims for Schama and likely a good number of folks in the audience to know EXACTLY which demographic Steyn was referring to. A very telling slip-up on Schama`s part

    Farage raised the hugely important issue of Christian refugees and their relative scarcity in the influx of people to Europe. This is scarcely discussed outside of certain circles. Certainly in the US Christian migrants

    Steyn`s responses in particular were brilliant, particularly when simultaneously excoriating Schama for his cynical attempt to make Farage and Steyn look to be sex-obsessed and pointing out to Arbour that he indeed is no great feminist but draws the line at rape, particularly of the kind and scale now seen in Europe. I was a little surprised, only a little, that the moderator made special accommodation for Arbour and Schama to respond to Steyn`s blistering rebuke. It seems that the moderator`s impartiality is not what one would hope for.

    I am happy that a large number of people changed their position on this matter. All too many people resort to the same kinds of arguments that Schama and Arbour raised, which appealed less to the facts of the matter than to emotion. Schama`s closing statement in fact was entirely made. But I marvel that all were not won over to Steyn and Farage`s side. This evil masquerading as virtue seems to have a fierce hold on Western consciousness. Western consciousness has got to shake this off, before Western consciousness itself becomes a thing of the past, another light gone out, relegated to jayilliyah.