Integration Is Not the Answer to Muslim Terrorism

There is a famous photo of Anjem Choudary, the head of multiple banned organizations calling for imposing Sharia law on the UK whose follower was responsible for the Lee Rigby beheading, getting drunk as a young law student. Friends recall “Andy” smoking pot and taking LSD, sleeping around and partying all the time. Andy was really well integrated, but he still turned back into Anjem.

Islamic extremeist Anjem Choudary in his student days, with booze, porn and spliff. RE Neil Sears

Islamic extremeist Anjem Choudary in his student days, with booze, porn and spliff.
RE Neil Sears

While the proliferation of segregated Muslim areas, no-go zones in which English, French or Dutch is the foreign language, is a major problem, it is a mistake to think that “integration” solves Islamic terrorism.

It doesn’t.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Does integration solve anything other than allow the parasite easier access to the host?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    From the story:
    “The issue is not economic. It is not linguistic. It is not about alienation or racism. It is about religion. And Europe is not comfortable with religion. It assumes that the religious is political, but in Islam, the political is instead religious. Europe has given no thought to how Islam can be integrated as a religion. Instead it has relied on the assumption that all religions are basically alike and that the aims and ideas of Islam are therefore interchangeable with those of Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and anyone else.”

    Yes, and we need to remove Islam from the spectrum of socially acceptable publicly voiced opinions just as throughly as they have removed Christanity from popular culture.
    As I have said from the beginning, “tolerance” on any level for Islam or the artifices of Islam, or to Muslums themselves.
    When you accommodate Islam, you also sanction the attrocities that Islam commits.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Expulsion works, as would walling off the no-go zones.

  • Kell

    Anjem’s still a pussy who hides behind his religion of peace’s bullshit, women and kids… he truly needs and would greatly benefit from a good old fashion ass whooping! Just like the rest of the ass-lifting, camel humping, baby-raping pussies!

  • Liberal Progressive

    I have listened to all of Justin Trudeau’s speeches so I know the answer to this one!

    Import lot’s more Muslim immigrants from terrorist hotspots!

  • Dana Garcia

    Allah-bots are not trainable. Visible “assimilation” like clothes and language mean nothing. Islam is like an imbedded Satan computer chip set to go off sometime or other.

  • Ron MacDonald

    There are seven males and one female migrant in the photo below.The woman is bare foot, accompanied by three children, two of which she is carrying. Not one of the men are helping her because in their culture a woman is one step above a slave—her only role is to serve and breed. What are the odds these individuals will refuse to assimilate into western culture?