How to shut down the ‘jihad factories’

The key to battling Islamist terrorism is to stem the spread of the ideology that has fostered “jihad factories.” The export of Wahhabism by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other oil sheikdoms is the source of modern Islamist terror. From Africa to Asia and now Europe, Arabian petrodollars have played a key role in fomenting militant Islamic fundamentalism that targets the West, Israel and India as its enemies.


The Mop and Pail has a half sensible article for a change.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There are three strains that have to be eradicated: Saudi Wahhabism, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Khomeini Shiism. The strategy of triage should be applied to prioritize these targets.

    • All the muslim terror states should be taken out in one go. And thoroughly, every bit of infrastructure demolished.

    • Zero tolerance for any and all funding of Islamic hate should be the rule.

      If even one penny, of the funding, for any terror attack, can be traced back to a Muslim government, the Western Banking system needs to confiscate 100% of the offending countries deposits.

      You can be sure the Muslims states have done this.

      What do you the official 9/11 report has so much blacked out material?

      And the US RICO statutes need to be used to close down mosques as part of a criminal activities organization.

      It is way overdue to continue giving Islam a free jihad pass.

  • T.C.

    And that is one of the many reasons why I am enjoying this whole fracking revolution, thanks to Yankee ingenuity and enterprise. That and all the profitable shorting opportunities. As the expense of the Saudis. Woot.