How Many American Politicians Do the Saudis Own?

If, since 9/11, you’ve begun to think that all American politicians are corrupt, that our national anger was deliberately misdirected to places where it could be expended with absolutely no result, and that our military has been exhausted in a series of pointless, unwinnable wars against third-rate Islamic nations… you’re absolutely correct. Everywhere you look, from George W. Bush holding hands with various members of the Saudi “royal” family on down, the real enemy of civilization wraps its tentacles more tightly around us.

Case in point: the sham GOP candidate, widely despised former Naval officer and second-most-loathed man in the U.S. Senate, the ineffable John McCain

  • bob e

    Perfect post BCF .. on the money .. this man was one of
    the most heroic POW’s in our history. Saudi the ticket
    for all these people. already deposted in unknown banks . every last
    one of the politicians. what do you do with hundreds of trillions of dollars. *hundreds of trillions.* try & write that out sometime ..
    I can’t do it ..

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Saudi money has been corrupting Westren systems of government since 1974.
    Yes, cut the head off the snake.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Every living ex-president is on the Saudi payroll. Whether or not Obama boards this gravy train depends on what Iran may do for him.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I wonder if the Saudis will pay as much for Obama as they do for Dubya. Saudis are very fundamentalist muslim, and their prophet and Koran make clear that blacks are inferior. Surely they expect to buy Obama for less…….

  • Justin St.Denis

    Saudi Arabia needs nuking. There are no innocents.

  • John

    I’m of the opinion that Québec’s premier is on the Saudi payroll. Couillard, a physician, worked in Saudi Arabia for several years as a medical consultant. Who knows, he may have worked treating the gout, the obesity and the alcohol ravaged livers of Saudi royalty. He made lots of cash.