The Ontario Liberals are trading cash for access. How is that even legal?

Should the Ontario Liberal Party be investigated by police for influence-peddling? That will seem like a far-fetched idea to some. After all, as Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne keeps saying, everything her party and her cabinet members do to raise money conforms with the laws of the province.

But the revelation this week that the Liberal Party sets massive fundraising quotas for cabinet ministers, and then asks those ministers to hit up corporate and union stakeholders in the sectors overseen by their respective departments, is too immense a breach of ethics to be swept under the table without further consequence.


They should be charged.

But that won’t happen.

Ontario is governed by a corrupt political class consisting of the Liberal Party and those that keep them in power.

The public service unions, crony capitalists, and assorted rent-seekers all prey on the citizenry, enriching themselves at our expense.

What’s even more perverse is that 38% of Canadians voted to allow PM Useful idiot’s string pullers direct access to your wallet.

Enjoy the ride.

  • Legal?


    But they are Liberals and this is Ontario.

  • Waffle

    Nobody cares. Everybody (and I mean everybody) is too busy elbowing their way to the trough even if it’s just for a teeny weeny little piece.

  • Gary

    They bought the OPP with than 8.3% raise while Justin runs the RCMP, who do you call when the police are corrupt and owned by the Liberal criminals .

  • mauser 98
  • useless opinion

    With the exception of one hapless bagman from Sudbury and two underlings who absconded to BC, the OPP have not arrested a liberal or an Indian in Ontario since 2003. Keep up the good work boyos.

    • Justin St.Denis

      The OPP are beyond hope or repair. Never talk to police. Learn the law. Police are not there to serve and protect YOU. Always remember that. Especially the OPP, which views citizens as “the enemy”. In this, the OPP are rather akin to islamic jihadists who view all non-muslims as “the enemy” to be vanquished and killed.

  • Cat-astrophe

    2nd. This is the 2nd most “must do” idea I’ve seen, second only to arresting George Soros, that I have seen anywhere, any blog, etc. and they are both on “Blazing cat Fur!”
    Alternative news gives us NOTHING but fear. Lots of this or that is going to happen, but no solutions, at least nothing sensible.
    Investigate George, the Wynne Government. George on instigating and promoting terrorism and interference with sovereign nations (“Nationhood” the very institution that the NWO wants to destroy, the same one the much talked about NAZI’s had in mind). Investigate Wynne, influence peddling is a good place to start. Then, make the connection between her, anti pipeline protests and George Soros. There is a link in the whole snakes and ladder game, it ought to be located.
    This blog is definitely THE BEST.