Ronnie Corbett dies, aged 85

Ronnie Corbett, the veteran entertainer and one half of The Two Ronnies, has died at the age of 85.

h/t TB

  • binks webelf

    Thanks, Ronnies, for many a laugh.

  • Allan

    I watched every one of the Two Ronnies shows. I couldn’t stop laughing. He and Barker have left a fantastic legacy of humour and wit. We probably never shall never see the like again. RIP.

  • karra

    As a very young copper pounding a beat in Dalston – east-end of London – this Ronnie showed up to open a new fish and chip shop and I was there to greet and accompany him – guy was totally funny and delightful – not at all full of himself – just a treat!
    RIP Ronny <3

  • AlanUK

    Much loved by the British People!