Rise of Isil raises nuclear terrorism threat, Harvard researchers warn

Action needs to be taken to improve nuclear security around the world, according to Harvard researchers, who are warning of the threat of Isil deploying atomic weapons.

The nightmare scenario of a nuclear attack was raised two days after theBrussels attacks last week when a security guard who worked at a Belgian nuclear medical research facility was murdered.

It also emerged that a former worker at a Belgium nuclear power plant, Ilyass Boughalab, travelled to Syria in 2012, and Belgian police found surveillance footage of a top Belgian nuclear scientist in a house belonging to a known jihadi in November.

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    You can damned well bet there are leftists, (many of whom are in in the “news” industry) who are secretly praying like crazy for ISIL terrorists to attack a nuke plant.

    That way when some innocent people die due to a terrorist engineering nuclear accident leftys can scream about the “dangers” of nuclear power because of the possibility of more attacks.

    “SEE SEE! These plants are time bombs just waiting to be set off!!!!”